OptimalResume is a fantastic resource that offers many features beyond assistance with a resume, including:

  • Create Resumes and Cover Letters – view samples, use a variety of templates, customize, save in system or export without the complications of formatting challenges
  • Create Video Resumes – Record a 30-60 second video introduction of yourself
  • Track Your Skills – Track skills learned in classes, jobs, internships, and extracurricular activities
  • Build Your Portfolio – Upload documents, videos, and projects to share with potential employers
  • Practice Interviewing – Build your own interview, be coached, and record your practice
  • Create a Career Website – Share your site with employers

How do I login to OptimalResume?

  • Access the link after logging into CareerConnect. If this is your first time logging into CareerConnect here are instructions for initializing your account.
  • Once selecting the OptimalResume link within CareerConnect, select the “Create Optimal Account” icon
  • Use your UIS email address to create your profile and setup your password

If you have previously logged into OpitmalResume you may login here.