Partnering in Student Success

The CDC has identified a variety of activities and resources to engage and partner with the campus community to enhance student career exploration and preparedness as they transition to the workforce or pursue professional/graduate studies.

What is the timeline required to prepare students for their future careers?

In order for students to be competitive when they graduate, students must begin to prepare for their careers during their FIRST SEMESTER at UIS.

What are key areas students need to work on while preparing for their career and job search?

  • Ability to articulate and provide examples of how an individual’s interests, values, personality type, and skills are relevant to one’s career path
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Establish a purposeful and realistic career plan with measurable goals
  • Obtain relevant soft skills, hard skills, and experience prior to graduation
  • Knowledgeable about industries and labor market, salaries, geographic location, and cultural diversity
  • Understand and effectively utilize social networking media within the job search
  • How to develop results oriented job and graduate school application documents
  • Demonstrate proficiency in behavioral interviewing techniques
  • Skilled in business etiquette protocol

Isn’t it the responsibility of the Career Development Center to help students get jobs?

The CDC staff has the expertise, but we would also welcome your help and support. Due to increased service and programming demands from our constituents, we would like to invite you to be our campus partners so we can reach more of our constituencies in need.

We are willing and able to provide guidance and entry-level training about best practices to use with students and employers. As a reminder, it’s imperative we work as a collaborative campus community to ensure our students are prepared and can be competitive in today’s global workforce.