Family and Friends

Welcome Family and Friends

Many family members or friends are interested in what the Career Development Center has to offer their students. Some are interested in how they can assist their students with the career development process including deciding on a major, exploring career options, and hands-on learning experiences.  Others want to know how their students can actively create professional documents like resumes and cover letters and apply for internships and jobs.

Useful tools and resources for your students:

We encourage you to provide support and encouragement, while empowering your students to grow and take responsibility for their own career exploration and decision making process.

The CDC is ready to become your partner in helping your student navigate the process of making his or her career plans a reality. Career planning begins long before graduation, so encourage your student to visit our office and talk to our counselors early and often!

When do students get access to UIS CareerConnect and career counseling/advising?

Students get access to UIS CareerConnect and career counseling/advising during the semesters they are actively enrolled in classes at UIS. Access dates are below.

First Day of Access for New Students

Summer Semester: May 19
Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: January 1

Are you interested in serving as a career resource contact for UIS students?

  • A career resource contact  may include sharing knowledge and experiences from your career path and industry for informational interviewing and  job shadowing.
  • Contact career counselor Angela Evans or call (217)206-6508.

Are you interested in recruiting UIS students and alumni for other career opportunities?