Share Your Expertise

Want to take your Recruitment Plan to the next level? Go Beyond the Classroom and host these experiential learning opportunities that provide students and your employer significant advantages above other organizations and recruiters.

Serve as a Panelist / Presenter

The Career Development Center frequently hosts workshops and panel discussions on a variety of career topics such as industry trends, job search strategies, interviewing, and more! Additionally, employers may present a workshop on their own career development topic, such as “Finding Federal Employment.” Check this option if you would like to be contacted regarding participating in or presenting a workshop or panel discussion.


Critique Student Resumes

Many students use the Career Development Center for its resume and cover letter critiquing services. As a professional in the field, however, you have an expert eye to provide students with specific feedback on how to tailor their resume to an industry, type of career, or employer.


Serve on Advisory Board

In order to ensure that the UIS Career Development Center is meeting the needs of all students, serving employer recruitment needs, and staying current in an ever-changing job market, we may request your opinion and participation on an advisory board. Check this option if you would be willing to serve on a board or participate in a meeting. Host a Tour of my Workplace: Consider coordinating a “fieldtrip” for students to see your place of employment in action! Not only will it strengthen the relationship between the employer and students, but students will get a glimpse at your organization’s culture.

Informational Interviews by Students

Informational interviews allow students to interview you, the employer! Students may ask questions about what steps you took to get into the career you are in, industry trends, ways to get their “foot in the door”, and other questions that will give them a realistic perception of interested careers.

Career Fair 1

Conduct Mock Interviews

Interact with students through conducting a mock interview either in your office or at the Career Development Center.  Mock interviews will prepare students for the real thing with your feedback and expertise.

Professional Network

The Professional Network, or “ProNet,” is an online database that University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) students and alumni use to network with and gain career information from alumni and community professionals! Your willingness to share information with UIS students and alumni can play a vital role in their career development by preparing them to become the best and brightest competitors in tomorrow’s job market!

As part of the Professional Network, you also have the opportunity to network with alumni and community members! Simply click the “Professional Network” tab once you are logged-in to UIS CareerConnect!

What’s Involved?

  • As a career resource in the Professional Network, you are not expected to serve as a source for a job, but rather a source of information.
  • Students and alumni may request informational interviewing, resume reviewing, job shadowing, or may simply have a question to ask! Students may have quick questions or may be looking for a longer relationship with a professional in the field.
  • With diverse traditional, non-traditional, and online student populations, you may be asked to network virtually, by e-mail, phone, or in-person!