Recruitment Events

The Career Development Center (CDC) offers an wide assortment of events for students to meet employers on campus during each semester.

Employer Events will be

  • Posted on the the CDC’s Events page and CareerConnect Calendars
  • Held at different times and locations; Check the Event Calendars for details
  • Coordinated by the CDC’s Employer Relations Program
  • Register to attend In-Person or Online on CareerConnect. How?
    • Login to CareerConnect from CDC website
    • Select the “Events & Fast Pass” tab on the top blue navigation bar
    • Scroll through the list of upcoming events with the “In-Person or Online Participation”designation
    • Learn more details by clicking on the title of the Employer Event
    • Select RSVP if you plan on attending the employer event

Events Related to Connecting with Employers on campus

Employer Information Sessions

  • Meeting to learn about opportunities available at the organization being represented
  • Great way to learn about skills and qualifications employers are looking for in new hires
  • Sessions will be 45-60 minutes long and held on campus

Information Tables

  • A scheduled time for an Employer to be on campus to recruit and network with students
  • Meet 1 on 1 with the employer to get an inside view of company and potential opportunities
  • Receive materials to review including brochures, applications, and other materials
  • Table may be located in the PAC Concourse outside of the food emporium or UHB Lobby
  • Times will vary between 1-3 hours with actual times posted

Career Fairs

  • Large event with over 100 employers attending wanting to connect with students about future opportunities
  • Great way to expand your network with important contacts and make valuable connections
  • Learn about career paths related to your field of student and valuable career advice from recruiters attending
  • For all undergraduate and graduate students including freshman and sophomores
  • See the Career Fairs page for more information

Career Immersions

  • “Career field-trips,” which connect students with employers in the employer’s real-world work setting!
  • Receive a “behind the scenes” look at organizations and the variety of careers that exist within them
  • Offered several time a year. Transportation provided by the Career Development Center
  • See the Career Immersions page for more information