What to wear to a Career Fair

Career fairs are a great place to meet your future employer. Make sure to make a great impression the minute they see you. Business casual attire is required for this year’s Career Fair. Business professional attire is also acceptable.

Business Casual

Business casual means that you should appear professional and “pulled together” yet somewhat relaxed. Suits are not required. However, make sure that your clothes are free of wrinkles and tears. Here are some general guidelines:

Business Casual Guidelines for Men

  • Ties are not required but are acceptable and may be easily removed if you find the environment too casual.
  • Shirts: Long sleeve, button-down in solid colors are a good choice and allow for a tie if you choose to wear one. Polo shirts are also acceptable for outdoor or warm-season events. Shirts should always be tucked in. A sweater or sweater vest may also be an appropriate option.
  • Pants should be neatly pressed. No jeans or denim. Khakis are a good option. A leather belt is also suggested.
  • Shoes should be leather and be generally in good condition. Dark socks are suggested. Do not wear flip flops, sandals, or hiking boots.

Business Casual Guidelines for Women

  • Shirts: Women have many appropriate options to choose from. Tailored shirts and blouses, as well as knit sweaters and tops are appropriate choices. Do not wear skin-tight or very low-cut shirts. Fabrics with glitter or sparkles should be avoided. The midriff should be covered.
  • Pants/Skirts: Khakis, dress pants, and skirts are all appropriate options. No jeans or denim. Pants should be neatly pressed. Capris and cropped pants are not acceptable options. Skirts should be at least knee length. Generally, solid colors are good options for both pants and skirts. Neither pants nor skirts should be tight.
  • Shoes and Hose: Shoes should be leather or fabric. Wear a heel height appropriate for the clothes you are wearing and appropriate for the amount of walking you will be doing. Color should be dark. White and pastel shoes are not generally suggested. Hose are optional but suggested with knee-length skirts and more formal environments.

Business Casual: Minimum Dress Code for the Career Fair

Business Casual

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