The common goal of UIS faculty, staff, and the Career Development Center is student success. As stated in the UIS mission statement, “UIS provides its students with the knowledge, skills, and experience that lead to productive careers in the private and public sectors.”

To achieve this goal, the Career Development Center (CDC) has:

  • Created specific educational services, resources and tools for faculty and staff use
  • Cultivated a creative mindset to enhance a collaborative working environment focusing on a holistic approach to career preparation and professional development

By working together to achieve a common goal of successful student career outcomes, students will have:

  • More knowledge and make better decisions
  • Receive a greater variety of perspectives pertaining to different careers, workplace environments labor market information, and professional etiquette
  • Have an assortment of experiential opportunities to participate in from the time of entry to the end of their academic career while at UIS

Request and Referral Forms

Policies & Regulations

Writing Letters of Recommendation

Writing a letter of recommendation may be more complex than you think. This resource will provide information about:

  • Written and Verbal Recommendations
  • Right to Privacy
  • Defamation
  • State Reference Immunity Laws
  • Tips for Best Practice
  • Sample Recommendation Letter

Faculty & Staff Recruitment Guidelines (PDF)

See below for topics addressed in the guidelines.

  • UIS Goal: Maintain a recruitment process that is consistent, fair, and equitable to students and employing organizations
  • Candidate referral process
  • Referral of minority candidates process
  • Process for providing oral and written references for students
  • Considerations to ask yourself prior to making referrals, providing references, and engaging with employers

Internship and Job Postings

Many times we receive an internship or job posting which we are asked to advertise to students, or in certain situations to provide names of “select” UIS students. In order to comply with EEO and other federal, state, and university protocol, please forward the posting to the CDC. The CDC staff will then post the opportunity into CareerConnect to enable all UIS students to view the opportunity. You may also refer the recruiter to the Employer Relations staff within the CDC and we will do our best to accommodate the request within the appropriate protocol.