Career Spots

Career Spots is a free video resource that requires no login and can easily be accessed on the CDC website. All videos are available or you can view specific topic related videos within the GOALS program. Most videos are 30 seconds but some may be as long as three minutes in length; ideal for review in a class setting or at a club sponsored meeting or event. Transcripts are also available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the main menu where all categories and videos are listed.

Career Topic Categories

  • Starting Your Job Search
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Internships
  • Interview – Before
  • Interview – Dress
  • Interview – During
  • Interview – After
  • Salary & Negotiation
  • Social Media & Job Search

UIS students and graduates demonstrate their academic and professionalism abilities on a daily basis as they interact with educators, community members, business professionals, and hiring agents. If we work collaboratively, we can ensure our students and graduates are prepared, present well, and will be competitive in the workforce and other community involvement activities.