FOCUS 2 Career Assessments

Many faculty have invited us into their classes to partner using the FOCUS 2 CAREER – A Career, Major and Education Planning System . This is one of the best ways (free of charge) students can begin to complete the first stage of Gain Self-Awareness within the GOALS program. The FOCUS 2 resource helps students learn more about:

Career Readiness

  • Career and Educational Goals
  • Academic Strengths
  • Work Experiences and Accomplishments
  • Career Planning Status
  • Personal Development Needs


  • Work Interest Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Skills Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Leisure Interests Assessment

Research Any Career – Explore the Possibilities

  • Search by Occupation
  • Search by Industry
  • What Can You Do with a Major In…
  • Explore Occupations Associated with Any Major Area of Study
  • Compare Two Occupations Side-by-Side

How Do I Login to FOCUS 2 ?

  • Access the link after logging into CareerConnect; once in CareerConnect, find the link for FOCUS 2 on the right side of the screen under Online Toolbox. 
  • After selecting the FOCUS 2 link within CareerConnect, select “New User? Click Here to Get Started” to setup your new account
  • Register using your UIS email address for your username, create your profile, and determine your password.