Employer Connections & Information

According to NACE’s 2013 Recruiting benchmark Survey, Career Centers are the top campus resources for recruiters. However, department chairs and faculty also serve an important role, and are ranked second and third. Below outlines the campus resources used in recruitment activities.

Employers Use of Campus Resources (NACE, 2013)

On-Campus ResourcesPercentage of Respondents
Career Centers92.7%
Department Chair74.2%
Campus Clubs72%
Fraternities and Sororities20.4%

For more information view the most recent NACE report.

Employer Partnerships & Collaboration

In order to provide a seamless approach to serving students and employers, it’s important for all stakeholders to communicate and share information about internship and job opportunity listings, recruitment activities, and to partner in career preparedness seminars and special events.

As a result, the University will provide a unified presence to students and recruiters so all stakeholders can:

  • Be aware of all career activities occurring on campus to prevent duplication of service, combine resources, and allow the CDC to channel energy toward new initiatives
  • Expand employer partners resulting in increased opportunities for all UIS students
  • Enable the campus to adhere to state, federal, and best practice protocol

How do we share an internship, job listing, or recruitment event with the CDC?

  • Internship/Job Listing – email the CDC with the listing and a CDC staff member will post it in CareerConnect or follow-up with the employer to obtain additional information and offer our services
  • Recruitment Event – email the CDC and provide details of the event; indicate if this is a courtesy to be aware of or if you would like the CDC to assist in publicizing the event to students
  • Campus Liaisons – Contact the CDC and let us if you would like to be one of our campus liaisons so we can share career opportunities for you to pass along to students

How can we partner in On-Campus Recruitment Activities?

  • Login to CareerConnect and select the Events tab to share opportunities with your students
  • Inform students to plan ahead and be aware of the NACE student protocol for job seekers prior to interviewing
  • Encourage the students to prepare for the interview by scheduling an appointment with one of our career counselors
  • Reinforce to students that the CDC does not “place” students in internships or jobs

Research, Data, & Trends

Extensive research exists about Career Centers, career concepts, and career trends. Check back frequently to keep abreast of hot topics being discussed nationally and internationally.