Career Counseling

Career Counseling and You

We have something to offer everyone, whether it’s related to choosing a major, exploring career options, gaining experience, preparing for your job search, deciding about graduate school, making a career transition, or managing job related stress.

Your licensed counselor with a specialty in career development is available to meet one on one as well as phone conferences and online correspondence.

It is important to remember the information you share during a career counseling appointment will be kept private and confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Career Counselor do for me?

Your career counselor will listen, ask questions, give feedback, provide valuable career resources, and teach strategies on the following career topics:

  • Deciding on or changing a Major
  • Assist in examining your interest, abilities, skills, and values as they relate to selecting a career path
  • Talk about what you are going to do after graduation
  • Administer and interpret assessments to determine abilities, interests, and other factors
  • Encourage exploratory activities through assignments and experiences
  • Utilize career planning and occupational systems to expand understanding of  the world of work
  • Facilitate the development and establishment of career goals and plans
  • Explore if Graduate School would complement your career goals
  • Teach job search skills and strategies
  • Work on preparing for interviews and managing interview anxiety
  • Provide support during career related transitions
  • Help improve career decision-making
  • Identify barriers to obtaining career goals
  • Provide opportunities for improving decision-making skills
  • Help resolve potential personal conflicts on the job through practicing interpersonal skills
  • Assist in understanding the integration of work and other life roles

What is Distance Career Counseling?

Distance career counseling offers the convenience of being able to work with a career counselor regardless of your location. The UIS Career Counselors have received special training to provide distance counseling services and are currently certified as a distance credentialed counselors (DCC). Distance career counseling is no different than face-to-face counseling except you use technology devices such as a telephone and e-mail to communicate. Just like meeting in-person, you will complete paperwork and schedule an appointment with the career counselor. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an e-mail or phone call from the Career Counselor explaining the logistics involved when using services from a distance.

When should I start working with the Career Counselor?

  • It is never too early to begin working with a Career Counselor
  • The earlier you get started, the better prepared you will be
  • It is never too late to meet with a Career Counselor
  • There are many things you can do early in your college career to set yourself up for success
  • Are you ready to get started? Schedule an appointment today!

How do I schedule an appointment with my Career Counselor?

  • Login to UIS CareerConnect (password required)
  • Locate Counseling Appt Menu- left side of screen, after logging into UIS CareerConnect.
  • Select – Request New Appointment.
  • For initial appointment location, choose On campus – SAB 50Phone, or Zoom or Off campus – Zoom or Phone.
  • Complete form and click Submit.
  • Look for email confirming appointment

Alumni, if you have not yet met with a career counselor, call our office at (217) 206-6508. We’ll assign you a counselor based on your needs and current goals. Then, you can schedule your appointment in UIS CareerConnect.

How do I cancel an appointment?

  • Go to your UIS CareerConnect homepage
  • Select the “My Calendar” tab
  • Look for the scheduled appointment and click on the red “Cancel” button
  • Call (217) 206-6508 if you are unable to access UIS CareerConnect

What should I expect during my first appointment?

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to complete the required paperwork
  • Distance counseling, special arrangements for completing paperwork will be made prior to first appointment
  • You will meet with the Career Counselor in a private office
  • The counselor will review your background information and career concerns with you
  • Be prepared to answer a host of questions
  • Together, you and the counselor will identify your goals and develop your Career Action Plan
  • Typically, an initial appointment will last 50 minutes, and then you will schedule a follow-up appointment

Can I take a test that will tell me what to do?

Sometimes students and alumni request to take a test that will tell them what to do with their lives. Career assessments will not tell you which career or field of study to pursue. However, completing assessments is a great way to learn more about your interests, values, skills, abilities, and personality types. They may also help you sort out thoughts and ideas about possible majors, career paths and occupations. To explore whether taking career assessments would be helpful, request an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor. A small testing fee will be charged to students and alumni according to the assessment selected.

Where is the Career Development Center located?

The CDC is located on the eastside of campus in the Student Affairs Building (SAB), Room 50. If driving, you may want to park in Parking Lot A if you have a decal or in the metered lot located just east of the Student Affairs Building.