Applicable Policies

Employer Services Agreement/Participation Policy

Read the full Employer Policies and Services Agreement

Cancellation/No Show Policy for Career Fair/Expo


An organization who wishes to cancel their registration for the Career Fair/Expo must do so no later than the deadline provided on your registration form, to avoid a $50 penalty fee. Beyond the deadline, a $50 late cancellation/no show fee will be assessed. Refer to your registration confirmation email or invoice for specific dates and times. Refunds will not be provided.

To cancel your registration, please contact the UIS Career Development Center at (217)206-6508.

No Show

Organizations that have registered for the Career Fair/Expo but do not attend the event and do not cancel their reservations will be considered a no show and will be assessed a $50 No Show Fee.  If no payment is received, it is at the Career Development Center’s discretion to discontinue services.

Time Requirements for Fair/Expo

You are required to stay through the full program. Job seekers will attend up to the advertised time, so please be considerate and stay for the full event.

First-Come First-Served Registration/Table Assignment

Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis and table assignments will be made accordingly.* Only one table will available for each organization. If two members of the same organization register, the first recruiter to register will have the option of sharing his or her table with any recruiters who register later. Sharing tables is at the discretion of the first recruiter from each organization.

*Employer sponsors/partners will be given priority on table assignment.

Contact Information Provided by Job Seekers

Any contact information your table collects from job seekers is only to be used for the purpose of contacting the job seeker about employment opportunities with your organization. Job seeker contact information is not to be used for the purpose of making sales or marketing fee-based services.

Open Food/Beverage Samples Prohibited

In order to protect the flooring in the Recreation and Athletic Center or other event location, employers & recruiters are not allowed to give out open food or beverage samples.

Career Fair Waivers (Career Connections Expo Only)

The Career Development Center will issue up to 10 Career Fair/Expo Waivers for employers that are unable to pay the career fair/expo fee. In order for an employer to be eligible for a Career Fair/Expo Waiver, it must meet the waiver criteria.

  1. The employer must either be a not-for-profit entity or government-affiliated agency. Corporations or for-profit employers are not eligible.
  2. The employer must explain the reason for requesting the waiver. Acceptable reasons include:
    • The government agency expressly prohibits the use of funds to pay for career fairs/expos or similar events. The agency must provide a copy of the policy to the Career Development Center.
    • The employer cites financial hardship. The organization must provide a letter from the manager or director expressing hardship and the inability to pay the career fair/expo fee.
  3. The employer must have positions available for students. First priority will be given to those organizations that have paid positions (full-time, part-time, or internships). Positions must either be posted on CareerConnect at the time of the waiver request, or the employer must provide the job description/requisition with the future target date of the posting.

Waivers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis; those employers that meet the criteria and provide documentation supporting the waiver request will have the fee waived.  Those who do not shall either have the waiver request denied or the employer will be placed on a waitlist.

Though the Career Development Center may waive the initial registration fee, we will not waive fees for additional representatives or Wi-Fi.

Denied Waivers

It is at the discretion of the Career Development Center to approve or deny Career Fair/Expo Waiver requests and will not be held to approve any employer’s request or specific amount of waivers.  Those employers that do not obtain an approved waiver request will still be registered as an attendant of the career fair/expo and will be invoiced.  Those employers that no longer wish to participate in the career fair/expo must cancel its registration by the date provided in the event details or will be expected to pay the registration amount in full.


Once an employer has requested a waiver for the career fair/expo, the employer will be waitlisted until sufficient information is provided to the Career Development Center to support the reason for the request.

If the employer does not provide sufficient documentation to the Career Development Center by the designated date, then it is at the discretion of the Career Development Center to deny the waiver request or to approve the request, so long as there are still available waivers remaining.