We appreciate your interest in the student talent at the University of Illinois Springfield.  To learn more about UIS students, the services offered to you and your organization, and how to partner with the Employer Assistance Program at the UIS Career Development Center, use the menu on your left or select from one of the options below.

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What Do Internships Do?

  • Provide world work experience beyond clerical duties
  • Can be paid or unpaid, can be credit-bearing or not
  • Fairly structured
  • Temporary – usually for a semester or summer

How can the Employer Relations Program Assist Me?

  • Devise your internship strategies
  • Review job descriptions and learning outcomes
  • Publicize internship opportunities
  • Provide space for your organization to conduct interviews on campus.

Why Create Internships?

  • Offer students a chance to get hands-on experience in a field related to their major
  • Proved to be great networking opportunities
  • Often lead to future employment opportunities

Contact the Employer Relations Program if you have questions concerning internships or would like the Career Development Center to offer consultation.

Check out these helpful links on the Resources and Tools page before Developing your Internship Program

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