Gain Self-Awareness


Self-Awareness is the initial step in the career decision-making process. If you are not informed about who you are, then how can you expect to make informed decisions based upon your characteristics and attributes?

Complete the Gain Self-Awareness Stage to find out about your:

  1. Carrier Barriers (e.g. personal issues, confidence, finances)
  2. Who am I?
    1. Interests (e.g. activities people enjoy)
    2. Personality Type (e.g. introvert, extrovert)
    3. Values (e.g. motivators for work – salary, security,
      prestige, flexible hours)
    4. Skills (e.g. activities people perform well – multi-task, analyze, supervise, counsel)
    5. Employment Preferences (factors people seek in their jobs- opportunities for travel, avoid lifting heavy objects)
  3. Diversity
  4. Summary of You