Many students want to succeed in the career. Some will reach their goals while others will run into career barriers.  So, what are some of the common career barriers and what should you do about them?

Decision-Making Confusion

If you are having trouble making a decision about choosing a major or career, you may begin to experience negative thoughts, feelings or confusion which can consist of increased anxiety, anger, or depression. The more negative and confused you are, the more difficult it is to begin the decision-making process and make informed decisions. The outcome can be increased negative thoughts and feelings resulting in increased stress and procrastination. This can greatly limit your options and potential to achieve what is best for you.

Plan of Action

  • Complete each section of  the Gain Self-Awareness Stage of the GOALS
  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to learn decision-making strategies
  • Consider taking the Career Assessment Thoughts Inventory to identify career barriers you are being challenged with

Commitment Anxiety

If you are finding it difficult to commit to a specific choice whether it is choosing a major or a career path, the anxiety you may be feeling can make the process very difficult.  Perhaps you have been successful in narrowing your options to a few but not as successful in making a final decision. A couple of reasons may exist for not being able to commit. One relates to the need for further exploration to continue to explore possible options, or the other might be due to anxiety as it relates to making a commitment because of the importance of the decision. As simple as it sounds, a fear of making the wrong decision could be the culprit in preventing you from making a commitment.

Plan of Action

  • Work through the Gain Self-Awareness and Options to Explore Stages of the GOALS
  • Complete the Career Analysis Worksheet to be able to visualize and better understand your options
  • Use Career Pathfinder Program located on CDC web-based to connect UIS Majors to career paths
  • Narrow down your options  and perform a “pros” and ‘cons” comparison
  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to review your findings and develop a strategy plan
  • Consider taking the Career Thoughts Inventory to identify career barriers related to commitment anxiety 

External Conflict

Important people in your life may not approve of the  major or career choices you are considering or have already made. The feedback you receive from those close to you may leave you feeling less confident about your choices. You may begin to experience self doubt and have difficulty distinguishing your own opinions from the opinions of others. The contrasting opinions from your family and friends can complicate the career planning process and create conflict for you in moving forward.

Plan of Action

  • Work through the Gain Self-Awareness and Options to Explore Stages of the GOALS
  • Completing the Career Analysis Worksheet can help you understand your options
  • Use Career Pathfinder CDC web-based program connect UIS Majors to career paths
  • Reviewing the Career and Major Match on Focus our online career planning system
  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to learn how to navigate
  • Consider taking the Career Thoughts Inventory to identify career barriers related to commitment anxiety

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