UIS CareerConnect

Beginning July 1, 2022, UIS CareerConnect is now powered by Handshake. CareerConnect is our system for connecting students to jobs and internships both on and off campus.

First Time Users: Instructions

STUDENTS: Login using your UIS credentials.

UIS EMPLOYEES: Login using your UIS credentials. Create a student account if you want to experience things from the student perspective. Create an employer account if you want to hire a student.

EMPLOYERS: Click "sign in here" in the upper right corner and follow the prompts. If you have an employer account with another Handshake school, simply log into your account and connect with our university.

Student Information

What is CareerConnect?

CareerConnect is a student’s one stop shop for all of their career needs! Through CareerConnect a student can:

  • Find jobs and internships from hundreds of different employers
  • Schedule a one-on-one counseling appointment or access other online tools like OptimalResume, Going Global, FOCUS 2
  • View and sign up for events hosted by the Career Development Center and employers throughout the country
  • And much, much more!

How to Use CareerConnect

  • Getting Started with Handshake
  • Profile Privacy Options in Handshake
  • Build Profile from Resume
  • First Day of Access for New/Transfer Students
    1. Students get access to UIS CareerConnect during the semesters they are actively enrolled in classes at UIS. Access dates are below.
      • Spring Semester: January 1st
      • Summer Semester: May 15th
      • Fall Semester: July 1st
    2. How do I get an UIS Student Career Connect Account?
      • Your account is automatically created within 2 working days after you register for classes
      • Sign in with your UIS email address and password using the big blue button that says “UIS student/employee login” at the bottom of the Sign In page. 

Resume Recommendations 

  • Join us during Career Suite Hours for personalized assistance
  • Keep your resume concise, usually 1-2 pages for students and new professionals.
    • CVs may be longer to accommodate research, presentations, teaching, and other relevant experiences.
  • Remove personal pronouns (I, me, my, she/her, he/his, we/our, they/their).
  • Do not include references on your resume.
    • Create a Reference Document to provide employer when requested.
  • Use proper grammar and correct spelling. Grammarly is a free resource that can help.
  • Avoid personal information such as race, gender, weight, religion, marital status, social security number, UIN, or your picture.  They are not to be placed on resume.
  • Include your UIS degree in progress first, then any additional relevant education.
  • Use a 10 point font size or larger
  • In your Experience section

Additional Job Resources

Additional job resources, such as free job boards, can be found on our Job Links and Resources page.

If you have any problems trying to login to CareerConnect, please contact the Career Development Center at (217) 206-6508 or via email.

Employer Information

To begin recruiting, you must register on UIS CareerConnect. UIS CareerConnect gives you the opportunity to input your company profile, post jobs and internship opportunities, request on-campus recruitment and review student resumes.

STEP 1: Register on UIS CareerConnect - if you already have a Handshake account, login and connect to our university.

STEP 2: Enter Basic Company Profile Information in UIS CareerConnect

STEP 3: Post Jobs and Internship Opportunities

What is CareerConnect?

  • Online career management system free of service for employers, UIS faculty and staff
  • University’s official student internship and job board
  • Hosted by UIS Career Development Center in collaboration with on-campus partners

 How do I set-up a new CareerConnect account?

  • Getting Started With Handshake: Employers
    • Go to UIS CareerConnect, click on "sign up here" in the upper right corner, follow the prompts.
    • Make sure to use your company email address.
    • If you already have a Handshake account, log into your account and connect with our university.

Whom do I contact if I have difficulty logging in or have questions?

  • For problems with the system, posting jobs, or other questions, please contact the UIS Career Development Center at (217)206-6508 or by email at careerservices@uis.edu
  • For questions about UIS Student Employment postings, policies or procedures, please contact the Human Resources, Student Employment Program Director

What type of information is available once I have an account in CareerConnect?

Post unlimited full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities

  • Create an employer profile to share company mission, goals, benefits, culture and more
  • Register for on-campus recruiting events like career fairs
  • Manage resumes from applicants
  • View information about upcoming events such as career fairs, information sessions and workshops

Reset CareerConnect Password

Faculty & Staff Information

What is CareerConnect?

CareerConnect is an online career management system designed to serve as the central place for jobs and internships posted by hundreds of employers across the nation! Managed by the Career Development Center in collaboration with several on-campus partners, faculty and staff members are given free access to this system, giving them the ability to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Recommend jobs to students via email
  • Research employers
  • View upcoming events and workshops
  • And much, much more!

The best way to experience UIS CareerConnect is to create a student account for yourself, using your UIS email. Go to UIS CareerConnect, click login and enter your UIS credentials, then follow the prompts to create a student account.

If you want to hire students, please create an employer user account and when prompted connect to University of Illinois Springfield – Student Employment.

If neither of these fit your needs, reach out to the Career Development Center (careerservices@uis.edu or 217-206-6508) to explore other options.

If you have any problems trying to login to CareerConnect, please contact the Career Development Center at (217) 206-6508.