CONGRATS – You’ve completed Gain Self Awareness

By getting to know yourself, you have already begun the decision making process! Your career individuality, created by your interests, personality, values, and skills, hopefully have been more clearly defined after completing the activities contained in the Gain Self Awareness module. By knowing these things, you will be able to make decisions that compliment your career development.

Take a moment to summarize and reflect upon what you have learned about yourself and how it relates to your career development opportunities. Now may be the time to consider making an appointment with a career counselor to help facilitate your self assessment.

The next step is to use this information as you progress through the stages of the GOALS program.

Want more? You may find the following services helpful at this stage in the GOALS program.

Career Counseling

Career counseling services are available either face-to-face or through distance secured methods. Licensed Professional Counselors and supervised counseling interns assist individuals and groups with the decision-making process and facilitate the development of career action plans as it relates to life and career directions. Career counselors tailor services according to the needs of the individual in order to clarify life/career aspirations. Some common concerns confronting individuals can include identification of interests, values, skills; improving decision-making skills as related to choosing a major and/or career; identifying resources such as career planning and occupational information systems; educating about job search strategies; resolving personal conflicts on the job by improving interpersonal skills; assisting with the integration of work and other life roles; providing support and decreasing job stress, job loss, and career transitions. Learn more about Career Counseling.

Career Assessments

The department’s Licensed Professional Counselors and supervised counseling interns administer and interpret career assessments such as the Career Thoughts Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory, Self-Directed Search, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and a variety of card sorts when appropriate. The assessments will assist students and alumni in identifying interests, values, skills, abilities, and personality types. Identifying these attributes can help target the most compatible careers of interests (fees vary). Also available is an online program called FOCUS which includes a self-directed approach to assessments at no extra charge. Although FOCUS is a self-directed program, the department strongly encourages students and alumni to consult with a career counselor to assist with the interpretation to clarify results. Learn more about Career Assessments.

Career Development Center Resource Library

The CDC Resource Library is comprised of up-to-date books, videos, handouts, worksheets, company literature, internship sources, computer kiosks, and career information files available during regular office hours. The Vault Online Career Library is also available 24/7. View a listing of all library resources (Excel).


FOCUS will help you better understand your interests, work values, personality, skills, and more using tests. The results will enable you to further explore career options. Find out more about FOCUS.

View a complete listing of the services offered by the CDC.