IPL 300/301 Application Instructions

NOTE: Students should read this page in its entirety before completing the course application.

Course Application Priority Deadlines

Important:  IPL course sections fill quickly.  If course applications are not submitted to OEL-IPL by the priority deadline, it will be at the discretion of the department to process the application or notify the student to apply for a future semester.

  • Fall Semester: May 1-July 15
  • Spring Semester: October 1-December 15
  • Summer Semester: April 1-May 15


Students must complete & submit application in the provided Adobe Sign webform. Printed or other formats of the application will not be accepted.

After accepting an internship/project offer, complete and submit the IPL 300/301 course application.  Course application will be routed by OEL for approvals from OEL Advisor, Site Supervisor, UIS Supervisor, student, and finally OEL department. If approved, student will be emailed a copy of the approved application and be granted permission to enroll in specified course/section and number of credit hours.

Hints for Successful Submission

  • We advise that you complete the application once you have all the information you need. Keep a separate file (i.e. Word Doc) with all the answers then copy and paste your answers to the form.
    • Adobe Sign webforms don’t allow you will to save and resume later.
    • There is also a chance of your session timing you out if you wait too long to submit. So, plan on completing the webform within 30 minutes.
  • Consult with IPL advisor, your academic advisor, and/or your faculty supervisor as needed. This will decrease the chance of your application getting rejected.

Information Required to Complete Course Application

  • Site Supervisor: Name, Title, Organization Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Dates: Internship/Project Start Date and End Date
    • If your end date is later than the listed date below, you will need to complete the Extension Form.
SemesterEarliest Begin Date*Latest End Date
FallFirst Monday in AugustEnd of Fall Semester
SpringFirst Monday in JanuaryEnd of Spring Semester
SummerFirst Monday after Spring Semester endsEnd of Summer Semester
Start & End Date Guidelines by Semester

*International students cannot begin their internship position before the start of the semester.

  • Position Description: Must use format outlined in course application
  • Credit Hours & Internship Hours Calculation: Consult with academic advisor
    • Calculating Site Hours: for each credit hour you register for, you need to complete 50 site hours.
      • Example: if you have determined that you will apply to register for 4 credit hours, then you will need to complete a total of 200 site hours (4*50)
    • Calculating Average Site Hours/Week: Total Site Hours / Total Number of Weeks at Site (depends on the experience beginning and end dates).
      • Example: if your experience start & end dates are June 6 – July 29th, then your total number of weeks is 8. You should then use the formula. Total Site Hours (200 hours) divided by Total Number of Weeks (8 weeks) = 25 Average Site Hours/Week.
    • Determine how you will apply the credits you earn in this class.  Will it be to fulfill ECCE Engagement/ Elective, General Elective, or both? If both, how many credit hours for each category? Ask your academic advisor if you are not sure.
  • 5-6 Learning Objectives/Goals (knowledge/skills expected to learn from experience).
  • Academic Courses/Experiences/Skills List: Identify those relevant/considered as asset for experience.

Secure UIS Supervisor

Identify UIS faculty member willing to serve as UIS Supervisor. Students in majors listed on the following list have UIS supervisor/Department Approver preassigned by their academic program.


Adobe Sign Course Application Approval Workflow

Step 1: Student completes and submits application by due date.
Step 2: OEL Advisor reviews for preapproval.
Step 3: Site Supervisor review and sign.
Step 4: UIS Supervisor review and sign.
Step 5: Application routed to student for final approval; review notes/comments and sign application.
Step 6: Final application emailed to student and all approvers.

Track Application Status

Students may track the status of their application by logging into Adobe Sign using their UIS login information. Please note that the student must use their UIS email when they submit their applications in order for them to track their application.