Academic Internships located internationally; paid/unpaid; onsite/remote.


Academic Internships located internationally; paid/unpaid; onsite/remote.

  • Typically, undergrad students or grad students with academic department permission.
  • Qualifies as ECCE engaged experience /elective (undergraduate students) or general elective requirement.


  • Learn new application/hiring processes aligned with specific country.
  • Create global network.
  • Immersion enables learning the language and culturally-based personal/professional norms and practices.
  • Gain independence, self-awareness and global competencies.
  • Travel and see the world achieving personal objectives; meet academic and professional needs while gaining a unique, professional work experience.
  • An enhanced resume setting you apart from others.

Related Course(s)

  • ECCE: Internship Applied Learning – IPL 300 (2-12 credit hour range) OR
  • Tutorial-IPL 499 (1-12 credit hour range: ECCE credit ineligible).

Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • Meet eligibility requirements for travel.
  • Secure funding for travel, room and board as applicable.
  • Same prerequisites as U.S. Academic Internships.

Finding Opportunities

  • Independent student search for possible internships.
  • Request OEL personalized assistance to search/locate international internships.

How to apply/ register

  • Complete course application by deadline once internship is secured.
  • Advanced planning may be required.