Industry-Sponsored paid academic internships; exclusive to UIS with competitive process - location varies.


Industry-Sponsored Academic Internships; paid; location varies.

  • Qualifies as ECCE engaged experience /elective (undergraduate students) or general elective requirement.
  • Funding source:100% sponsor donations.


  • OEL-IPL exclusive and competitive internships available only to eligible UIS students.
  • Payroll administered by UIS.
  • Test drive possible careers and explore different job markets while gaining relevant work experience.
  • Engage in networking and make long-term connections.
  • Learn about career path options and determine the most suitable pathway to pursue.
  • An enhanced resume setting you apart from others.

Related Course(s)

  • ECCE: Internship Applied Learning – IPL 300 (2-12 credit hour range) OR
  • Tutorial-IPL 499 (1-12 credit hour range: ECCE credit ineligible).

Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • Special application and onboarding process.
  • Prerequisites vary by academic major. Examples:
    • Completion of at least 3 core courses.
    • Internship must be related to the field of study, facilitate the learning process, and provide a professional experience.

Finding Opportunities

  • Internship site must be an Industry-Sponsored participating organization or business.
  • List of positions exclusively shared with eligible UIS students.

How to apply/ register

  • Complete Industry-Sponsored student interest form.
  • Submit resume for review/approval.
  • Complete course application by deadline once internship is secured.