Faculty Resources

Access to Sedona

SEDONA is a self-service web database application that allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records. If you have problems accessing the site, please contact Nathan Mason at nmaso2@uis.edu.

Journal Review Subcommittee

CBM list of Accepted Journals (pdf) 2023-2024. Please note, this list will update yearly.

Policy to incorporate new journals (docx) in the existing CBM list of Accepted Journals

Extra Faculty Development funds request

Faculty interested in obtaining extra funds ($200 for AY 22-23) for professional development, should follow this process:

1.    Please fill up the form available here: https://surveys.uofi.uis.edu/sec/1033238941

2.    In this form, describe briefly how do you plan to use these funds.

3.    The Faculty Development Committee will review all applications. Faculty members will have the opportunity to appeal back to the FDC in case of a rejection. If FDC rejects a second time, the Associate Dean will be asked to review the application and will make the decision. The Associate Dean’s decision is final.

4.    If more resources become available later this academic year, faculty may apply for a second round of funding following the same process. 

Please be advised that the amount available may change from year to year.

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