Business is often portrayed as the primary villain in film, literature, and other cultural outlets. It is routinely perceived and portrayed as the root of social ills rather than the foundation of social progress and human well-being. Business and society stand or fall, together. A better understanding of business, and its role in society, is crucial for addressing the challenges of the twenty-first century.

About the Business and Society Project

Our mission

To provide the best tools and training,
for students and professionals,
to understand and communicate,
the moral and economic value of business in society.


A world where business is, and deserves to be, celebrated.

Timeless values

Economic well-being: there must be at a certain level of material wealth before we can flourish and achieve our potential.

Peaceful Cooperation

Recognizing the interdependence of all economic activity.

Value Creation

Discovering, producing, and satisfying the wants and needs of others.

Growing Sphere of Concern

Increased awareness of and concern for society through economic interaction and growth.

Exercising our humanity

Business is an integral part of being human, not just something we do to make money.


Choosing the economic path of our own lives.

Social Communication

We are social creatures and trade is a social activity.

Thriving Communities

We need healthy social spaces and vibrant business to realize our humanity.


Business provides an arena for improving our character, habits, and skills.

Practical wisdom

Business success is problem-solving with virtue.


Hard work, Independence, thrift, temperance, responsibility, and courage – gained and improved through doing business.


Finding and creating purpose


Minimizing waste and maximizing value


A business’s measure of self-sustainability and productive use of resources.


Tracking resource growth and depletion, and creating the knowledge and incentives to appropriately use resources.


Developing and refining institutional frameworks for assigning resource responsibility.