Evelyn Brandt Thomas Scholarship

This is a $2500 scholarship awarded to full-time junior or senior students enrolled in the College of Business and Management.  Preference shall be for female students and may be renewable for one year.

Gilbert N. & Frances G. Stein Scholarship

Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually without regard to gender and shall be merit based first and then need. Scholarships will be provided to students entering or already enrolled in the College of Business and Management at UIS.

Joe Wilkins Scholarship

To honor Professor Emeritus Joe Wilkins, a $1,500 scholarship was established for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the College of Business and Management at UIS. Preference is given to merit and management majors, but open to business and management majors.

Kent and Gail Weber Scholarship

A $500 scholarship offered to either a business administration or management student in good standing. The recipient must be an entering undergraduate or graduate student having a permanent residence outside central Illinois and be a U.S. citizen. They have to be majoring either in business or management.

Paul Snodgrass Scholarship

A $1000 scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student in good standing currently enrolled in a degree program in Management or Business Administration. Recipient must have demonstrated financial need. Scholarship may be renewable.

Regina Midden Farley Scholarship

This $350 scholarship is awarded to a management student who has attended UIS for more than two semesters totaling at least 16 hours and whose superior work performance is demonstrated by a recommendation from a person who has worked with the student. The recipient must maintain a GPA of 3.75. A recommendation from a Management program faculty is required. An essay illustrating work performance is also required.

Please visit the UIS Cost and Aid website for additional information as well as scholarship applications and due dates.