The Management Information Systems degree programs at UIS focus on providing a balance between technical skills and knowledge of business functions and processes.

MIS Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to integrate information technology with business and management concepts and is designed to:

  • Provide students with the analytical and practical frameworks and methodologies necessary to analyze, design, implement and manage complex information systems in contemporary organizational structures. 
  • Provide knowledge of the principles necessary for understanding basic computer hardware and software systems to ensure the data quality, transmission, processing and storage necessary to facilitate organizational decision-making and general operations.
  • Enable students to develop competencies in applying systems analysis and design strategies and techniques in marketplace environments.
  • Provide a balance between technical and organizational knowledge for a variety of professional organizations.


The hallmarks of the Management Information Systems faculty are in four aspects:

  1.  The first is the diversity and quality of their formal training. All faculty members have a terminal degree (DBA and Ph.D.) with formal training in the most significant areas of management information systems, healthcare informatics, and cybersecurity management.
  2. The second is the richness of their academic experiences in that MIS faculty possess an extensive educational background in teaching, scholarship, and service activities.
  3. The third is their academic innovativeness in curriculum development. MIS faculty has continuously developed new courses, certificates, concentrations, and degree majors to adapt to the changes in new information technology and market needs.
  4. Lastly, as the first online graduate-level degree on this campus, the MIS faculty has significant expertise in delivering both on-campus and online education and can develop high-quality course materials.

UIS has a tradition of offering innovative programs to students at the time and place most convenient for them. The Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in MIS offers three options:

  1. Traditional classroom instruction on campus
  2. Online coursework 
  3. Any combination of traditional in-class and online instructions that best meets your needs

The online courses are being developed and taught by the same faculty members who teach the traditional in-class sections of the courses.

MIS Mentorship Program

The MIS Mentorship Program (MMP) is to address individual students' needs in doing research with faculty. MIS Master (MIS, CSM, HCI) students can find a faculty member as their mentor to do research based on their research/career interests. The mentor can discuss research topics, grant applications, and independent studies with students in the informal mentorship program. In particular, the mentor can offer the students an independent study as the capstone or supervise a graduate project if they are willing to complete a research project as their closure requirement. As an optional and informal mentorship program, this interest-based mentorship program is unpaid to students and the faculty mentor.

For the department record, the faculty mentor submits a short memo with the names of mentees and a short paragraph about what you plan to do with the student.


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