Congratulations Graduates!

UIS Online grads, we are proud of you -- of your achievements, of your resilience, of your tenacity. Earning your degree online requires tremendous self-discipline and determination: juggling schedules, keeping organized, studying late into the night, and rising early to make deadlines.

Enjoy this day. Be proud. You've worked hard to earn it, and we salute you!

College Salutes

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University of Illinois Springfield

College of Business & Management

Preparing students for successful business related careers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.
University of Illinois Springfield

College of Education & Human Services

Preparing students for careers as social workers, teachers, counselors, administrators, public professionals and researchers.
University of Illinois Springfield

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Teaching students in a transformative environment that stimulates engagement with ideas, each other, and the world.
University of Illinois Springfield

College of Public Affairs & Administration

Learning through service to the community improves government and public policy in Illinois, the nation and the world.

The Online Graduating Class of 2022

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