Investing in Your Education

Besides substantial scholarships for incoming first-year students, merit-based scholarships for transfer students, and scholarships for children of Veterans, UIS offers over 330 institutional scholarships to help defray the cost of your education. See the application details on the UIS Scholarships page. The deadline to apply is February 15.

Scholarship amounts may vary from year to year and not all scholarships are available every year.


Undergraduate scholarships specific to MAJORS within the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences include:

Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Jan L. Little, Joyce Graham Little, and Michael Ray Coonse Criminal Justice Scholarship: $1,000, renewable
  • Brian McMillen Scholarship: $1,500, renewable
  • Dennis L. Sedlak Scholarship: $2,000, renewable
  • Lee Humphrey Dodd Memorial Scholarship (female)


  • Frank and Linda Kopecky Scholarship: $1,000
  • Rosie Richmond Scholarship (creative writing, female preferred): $2,700
  • Alfred and Mildred Roese Memorial Scholarship (female): $500
  • John and Barb Blackburn Scholarship (education focus): $1,000
  • Kathryn G. Patton Scholarship


  • Jane and John Stout Educational Scholarship: $1,000
  • John W. Holtz Memorial Scholarship
  • Michael J and Virginia A. Hogan Scholarship: $7,074


  • Camerata Scholarship: $8,000, renewable up to four years. All majors are eligible.
  • Polly Roesch Music Scholarship (ensembles): renewable up to four years.
  • Suzanna Kay Shiner Scholarship (ensemble, female): $2,100, renewable for as long as the student performs in an ensemble.
  • Dorys Weisbaum Berg Scholarship: $1,100
  • Daniel A. and Carolyn Schnirring Dungan Scholarship: $1,200

Social Work

  • Burnett Family Scholarship Fund: $1,000
  • William Ferris Cummings Memorial Scholarship: $600
  • Donna Libri Social Services Scholarship: $600
  • William and Mary Schnirring Scholarship: $1,000, renewable up to five years


  • Theatre Scholarship: $500
  • Julia J. Henderson Theatre Scholarship: est. $2,500, renewable up to four years.
  • John Takeuchi Award: $500

Visual Arts

  • The Andrew Glosecki Memorial Scholarship
  • J. Porter and Alyce V. Coble Family Scholarship
  • Daniel Lesh Memorial Award
  • H. Albert Inkel Memorial Scholarship
  • Szabo Family Find Your Dreams at UIS Scholarship
  • Studio Space Awards

Undergraduate scholarships specific to MINORS within the college include:

Women & Gender Studies

  • Leroy Jordan Scholarship (focus on women's or LGBTQ rights): $1,300
  • Anna May and Charles C. Smith Scholarship (female, advancement of women): $1,000


Graduate scholarships specific to MAJORS within the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences include:


  • Richard D. Raymond Scholarship (Abraham Lincoln focus): $1,000
  • Porter Coble Scholarship
  • Mary and Nelson Howarth Scholarship: $5,000
  • Syma R. Mendelsohn Endowed Scholarship: $1,100