The Music program is located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building, which houses numerous student resources, including classrooms equipped with whiteboard technology; a modern music technology lab; instrument storage facilities; practice rooms with pianos; the Polly Roesch Rehearsal Room and a Steinway Piano Practice Room. Music performances take place in the Polly Roesch Rehearsal Room, Studio Theatre, Television Studio and the Sangamon Auditorium.

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building in Rooms 7 to 17; they are open to any UIS student during the week and from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday during the Fall and Spring semesters. Practice instruments include upright pianos and various wind, string and percussion. The university campus maintains Steinway Grand pianos for performance and practice use.

Instrument Storage

Instrument Storage facilities are available for students interested in storing their personal instruments. Contact UIS Music to gain access to the instrument storage room located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building next to the Polly Roesch Music Room.

Polly Roesch Music Room

Ensemble rehearsals and performances take place in the Polly Roesch Music Room located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building in Room 33. Additional performance spaces include the Visual Arts Gallery, the Studio Theatre, the TV Studio recording facility and the 3,000 seat Sangamon Auditorium on the UIS Campus. Contact UIS Music to reserve the Polly Roesch Music Room.

Music Technology Lab

The Music Technology Lab is located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building in Room 5; students are able to work with music programs such as Sonar, Finale, Band in a Box, Music Lessons, and more during open UIS Music Technology Lab Hours.