The following scholarships are offered through the Music program. To be eligible for these scholarships, all applicants must fill out the UIS Institutional Scholarship Application 2022-2023 on the scholarship website and submit to Financial Assistance by February 15, 2022.

Visit the UIS Scholarship page for more information.

Suzanna Kay Shiner Memorial Scholarship

The Suzanna Kay Shiner Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to accomplished students in the Music program. The $1,000 scholarship is possible through the generous efforts of Larry and Catherine Shiner in loving memory of their daughter.

The scholarship is open to students of academic merit in any major (typically females) who are enrolled for credit in one or more voice or instrumental music ensembles each semester they hold the scholarship.

Daniel A. and Carolyn Schnirring Dungan Scholarship

This scholarship for $1000 is for undergraduate students who are majoring in Visual Arts or involved in the Music program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. If at such time as students are able to minor or major in music, then the income from the fund will be used to support these students. Scholarships shall be based on financial need with merit consideration.

Dorys Weisbaum Berg Fund

This $1,000 scholarship is available for a student in the Music program who shows demonstrated financial need. There is no required GPA, but the student needs to be in good standing academically.

Jack Dolan Music Scholarship

The Jack Dolan scholarship for $1,100 supports students in the Music program at UIS. It is the preference of the donor that the scholarship be awarded to a student who aspires to a career in music and that the scholarship help encourage students in pursuing music as a profession.

Polly Roesch Scholarship

This scholarship supports undergraduate students enrolled in UIS Music ensembles, with a preference for students minoring in music and for those enrolled in voice. Preference may also be given to students enrolled in the College of Business and Management.

Polly Roesch Music Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship supports UIS music students that fulfill the following criteria. The scholarship is awarded to students of academic merit from any major. Students must be enrolled for one or more music ensembles (voice or instrumental) each semester they hold the scholarship and are required to submit a sample of their performance (audio, visual or audition) if they have not previously taken a music class at UIS. A narrative is also required and should include the role of music in the student's life.

Walter and Polly Roesch Scholarship

This scholarship supports undergraduate students enrolled in a UIS music ensemble and who demonstrate financial need and academic merit.

Szabo Voice-Szabo Family Find Your Voice at UIS Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate students that are pursuing at least a minor in music.

UIS Music Student Merit Award

Music Student Merit Awards are given annually to students who are enrolled for credit in one or more voice and instrumental ensemble and who have gained the attention of UIS Music Program staff due to excellence in music and all-around participation.

Work Study Positions with UIS Music

The UIS Music Program offers students the opportunity to work as part of the Work Study Program. To learn more, call (217) 206-6240 or email: