UIS Music Program welcomes students from all majors and colleges within the University to take classes in ethnomusicology, music history, music theory, and music performance. Introducing students to the academic study of music at the collegiate level, music courses offer students the opportunity to learn about diverse musical instruments and styles, to advance their performance technique, and to learn about various music career options.

Undergraduate Education

The UIS Music Program offers an undergraduate Minor in Music. Music courses and ensembles fulfill a variety of UIS General Education Requirements.


In order to receive a minor in music at UIS, students
must complete a minimum of 15-credit hours of music coursework in accordance with the minor course criteria. Students interested in the music minor should contact a music faculty member.

Career Paths

  • Arts Administration
  • Composer (film, television, orchestra)
  • Conductor (orchestra, band, choral director)
  • Educator (K-12, college, conservatory, private)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Manager (performer, orchestra personnel)
  • Music instrument repair/tuning)
  • Music therapist
  • Performer
  • Publishing (scores, critical editions, music books)
  • Radio (host, researcher, manager, producer)
  • Recording engineer/producer
  • Researcher (musicology, ethnomusicology)

Upcoming Music Events

No upcoming events at this time. Check back soon!

Camerata Scholarship

The Camerata Scholarship is a generous Performance Scholarship available to incoming students of any major and is renewable for four years.

Institutional Scholarships

UIS Music offers a variety of institutional scholarships.


Faculty/Staff, and community members are welcome to join UIS ensembles. Students may earn course credit by playing in an ensemble.

Illinois Symphony Orchestra

The UIS Music Program and the Illinois Symphony Orchestra have joined forces in a new Partnership in Education and Civic Engagement.

UIS Music Spotlight

UIS Community Music School

Welcome to the UIS Community Music School, offering instrumental and vocal instruction to students and adults for weekly half-hour, 45-minute, or 1-hour lessons. Summer lesson schedules may vary. The UIS Community Music School is open to students that are not enrolled at UIS.


Music is a fundamental means to engage with the multiplicity of differences that unite humanity. The UIS Music Program aims to educate musically and culturally competent citizens that engage their music knowledge and skills to contribute to a more equitable world. Music courses are designed to help students develop a range of competencies vital to success in the competitive job market including critical thinking, cultural competence, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and communication skills.