by Kimberly Belflower

  • Guest Director: Rhys Lovell
  • Scenic Designer/Technical Director: Dathan Powell
  • Costume Designer: TBA

About the Play

Kimberly Belflower's play sounds the alarm, that today's young adults are not satisfied with traditional interpretations of classics, that no longer reflect the world in which we live. "In present day Appalachian Georgia, a high school class explores the seminal American Classic, The Crucible. As scandal swirls in their community and old heroes are unmasked, the English assignment becomes uncomfortably relevant for the students. The line between witch and heroine blurs in this post-Me Too examination of power, love, and sex education." --New Play Exchange Website


OPEN Auditions and OPEN Crew Interviews: Sunday, January 28 & Monday, January 29, 2024

(Callbacks for some Actors on Tuesday, January 30 at 7:00pm)

For both Sunday, January 28th and Monday, January 29th, the beginning times are:



Open Crew Interviews

Open Auditions


The Studio Theatre, Performing Arts Center–Level 1, UIS Campus

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. There is nothing to prepare.

1 Minute Contemporary Monologues are appreciated, but not required. Headshots/Resumes are also appreciated, but are also not required.

JOHN PROCTOR IS THE VILLAIN Performances are set for Friday, April 12, Saturday, April 13, Sunday, April 14 & Thursday, April 18, Friday, April 19, Saturday, April 20, 2024.

All performances will begin at 7:30pm, except for the Sunday, April 14th matinee beginning at 2:00pm.

Roles Available

6 women and 3 men. Character descriptions here are taken from the script:

Carter Smith

  • teacher, mid-30s, M. a former golden boy, but one of those rare smart and sensitive ones. now he's a great teacher: charming, engaging, goofy.

Shelby Holcomb

  • student, 16, F. her brain works faster than her mouth, but her mouth works pretty dang fast. people have always underestimated her.

Beth Powell

  • student, 17, F. nervous and ambitious and enthusiastic. kind of like if Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller had a baby and raised her in the Deep South.

Ivy Watkins

  • student, 17, F. fiercely loyal and always well-intentioned. from old Southern money. resist the urge to play her as a mean girl.

Mason Adams

  • student, 17, M. he's never really tried before, and he's surprised by how good it feels. earnest and affable.

Bailey Gallagher

  • counselor, 24, F. sweet in all the ways Southern women are supposed to be. this is her first real job out of college, and she really cares about it.

Nell Shaw

  • student, 16, F. from Atlanta. grounded and sincere. genuinely curious about things. a good judge of character, and a quick study.

Raelynn Nix

  • student, 16. a cheerleader type who's always lived her life by other peoples' standards. she was paying careful attention the whole time.

Lee Turner

  • student, 16. M. a carhartt-wearing good ol' boy. deeply insecure and without the tools to deal with it. he's always been good at getting what he wants.

For an electronic copy of the audition application form or crew interview form, please contact either Director of Theatre, Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson (ethib1@uis.edu) or Scenic Designer/Technical Director, Dathan Powell (dpowe5@uis.edu). Please Note: Audition application forms and Crew interview forms will also be available at the Crew Interviews and Auditions.

Scripts ARE NOW AVAILABLE at the Brookens Library front desk for 24 hour reserve checkout.

Work Behind the Scenes

Those interested in working backstage (stage managers, props crew, sound research, costumes, dresser, running crew) only need to attend one night of the crew interviews. Be sure to fill out a crew application form prior to the crew interviews start time via the online form or in person at the crew interviews and indicate the area of interest backstage. The technical director will schedule time to meet with you to discuss your area of interest.


Please fill out an audition form via the online form prior to arriving at the audition start time OR first thing when you arrive to audition. Auditions will consist of “cold readings” from the script. Be prepared to make some bold choices, take some risks and have fun! Prepared monologues and headshots/resumes are appreciated, but are NOT required.

UIS Theatre invites all theatre artists to audition for roles or apply for backstage work for one of our upcoming productions. Currently enrolled UIS students are given primary consideration in casting roles and backstage assignments, as well as in determining each production. UIS Theatre strives to have our productions reflect the diversity of our world. As such, actors of all races, ethnicities, gender identifications and abilities are welcome and encouraged to audition for all of our productions.