The Registrar's office lists most of the forms you will need to assist students from course articulations to graduation. The forms below are used by the dean's office.

Dean's Representative

Use the following form to request a dean's representative for graduate closure committees:

Closure Committee Dean's Representative Request


Travel arrangements for university business must be made through the dean’s office, which processes payment. The short Business Travel Guide summarizes Illinois’ travel rules.

If you have not booked travel in a long time or if this is the first time you have booked travel, contact your chair/director/coordinator or the dean’s office to determine your “travel arranger.” Then, go to the iTravel Online Booking Tool, log in, complete your profile, and assign a travel arranger.

After you have set up your profile and designated your travel arranger, you can search for flights and make travel requests.

Any travel costs that cannot be pre-paid will require a travel reimbursement form. If you are traveling in June, take care to submit receipts as far in advance of July 1 as possible. Any reimbursements not approved prior to the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1 will be deducted from the subsequent year's professional development funds.

Use the forms below to request travel or request travel reimbursement:


Plan your purchasing requests as far in advance of the end of the fiscal year as possible, preferably June 1. You will need approvals signatures from the chair/director and dean's office before purchasing is allowed. Accounts are charged when products ship, and shipping delays are unpredictable. If a product is shipped after the new fiscal year begins, the amount is deducted from the new fiscal year's funds. Please choose your product from an already-approved vendor, if possible.

Reimbursements and expense reports are created and processed using ChromeRiver. Go to the Office of Business and Financial Services, go to the "Choose the application" drop down box on the right, and choose ChromeRiver. If you want to be reimbursed for travel or other miscellaneous expenses, you will need to assign a delegate to process your requests in this system. You will still need to review and approve expenses reported and provide receipts, but the delegate will assist you through the process.

Be sure that you provide sufficient justification for travel and for reimbursements, even if the reasons seem obvious. One of the most common reasons for an expense report being rejected is that the user did not provide sufficient business justification for the expenses.

Use the forms below to purchase items or for miscellaneous reimbursements: