The M.A. in History program hones your ability to analyze and research historical events, teaching you to critically engage with historiographical debates and to master research methodologies. It prepares you for interpreting history for various audiences through concentrations in American History, European and World History, and Public History. This flexible curriculum supports a range of career aspirations, from teaching and further academic pursuits to roles in museums, historical agencies, and beyond.

History careers include:

  1. Historian
  2. Archivist
  3. Museum Curator
  4. Cultural Heritage Officer
  5. Diplomat
  6. International Relations Specialist
  7. History Educator
  8. Policy Analyst
  9. Historical Consultant
  10. Tour Guide

These roles leverage the analytical, research, and interpretive skills developed in the program, offering pathways to engage with history in diverse and impactful ways.

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