The Social Work Department at UIS strongly believes that undergraduate students who are able to go abroad for a semester, a summer term, or a short-term study abroad course ought to do so. Nothing can so profoundly enhance your understanding of American society and your own identity and culture other than removing yourself from the United States and going abroad. Also, few experiences can be so effective in fostering an open-hearted appreciation for other cultures and peoples other than immersing yourself in a place where you, as an American, are “the other.” Social Work Study Away Programs attempt to provide our students with two to eight weeks abroad in the summer or in the winter break. The programs usually contain either a language-learning component or else attendance at a social work or social development conference; some study away terms include both.  We have led students to Africa (Uganda, 2013), Europe (Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2017), and Asia (Taiwan and Indonesia, 2019; and Taiwan, 2023) in social work study away programs.

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forested mountains in Taiwan
Shops in Taiwan
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