All SGA meetings are open to the public and start at 6 pm in the Television Studio, Lower Level PAC, unless otherwise specified. See below for scheduled meeting dates, planned agendas, and minutes for each meeting. Other documents that are discussed during meetings will also be attached below.

Video recordings of all meetings can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Meeting videos are available within 3 days of SGA meetings.

2023 - 2024 SGA Meetings

SGA Meetings Link

2023-2024 SGA Meeting Agendas & Resolutions

2023-2024 SGA Meeting Minutes

DatesAgendaMinutesAdditional Documents
August 27SGA Agenda 8-27-23SGA Minutes 4-30-2382823 RSO Events
2023 Campus Senate Committees
82423 FY24 SGA Meeting Dates
SGA Election Timeline - Option 2
Proposed SGA Constitution Changes
Proposed SGA Bylaw Changes
September 10SGA Agenda 9-10-23SGA Minutes 8-27-23Resolution #1 - Memorial for Samy & Jalen
Resolution #2 - Wagon
Resolution #3 - SGA Tablecloth
September 24SGA Agenda 9-24-23SGA Minutes 9-10-23
October 3SGA Agenda 10-3-23SGA Minutes 9-24-23Resolution #4 - Transfer Student Week event
October 8SGA Agenda 10-8-23SGA Minutes 10-3-23
October 22SGA Agenda 10-22-23Resolution #5 - Colonnade Lighting
Resolution #6 - SGA Shirts
November 5SGA Agenda 11-5-23SGA Minutes 10-22-23SGA Election Timeline - Option 1
SGA Election Timeline - Option 2
November 19SGA Agenda 11-19-23
December 3SGA Agenda 12-3-23SGA Minutes 11-19-23Resolution #7 - December Grad Celebration
SGA Bylaws Approved
January 21SGA Agenda 1-21-24SGA Minutes 12-3-23Resolution #8 - ASL Samy Iverson Art Show Co-sponsorship
February 4SGA Agenda 2-4-24SGA Minutes 1-21-24Resolution #9 - SGA Coffee Hours
February 18SGA Agenda 2-18-24SGA Minutes 2-4-24Resolution 10 - Pizza for SGA Retreat
March 3Meeting cancelled
March 24SGA Agenda 3-24-24SGA Minutes 2-18-24Resolution #11 - SOFA Event & Operational Costs
April 7SGA Agenda 4-7-24SGA Minutes 3-24-24Resolution #12 - Lo Que Nos Mueve Music Festival Prizes
April 21SGA Agenda 4-21-24SGA Minutes 4-7-24Resolution #11 - Updated SOFA Event & Operational Costs
Resolution #12 - Updated Lo Que Nos Mueve Music Festival Prizes
April 24SGA Special Meeting Agenda 4-24-24Resolution #14 - SGA Ice cream craft event
Resolution #15 - SGA Cosponsor with SAC & SOFA
May 5Outgoing SGA Agenda 5-5-24
Incoming SGA Agenda 5-5-24
SGA Minutes 4-21-24New SGA Bylaws
SOFA Bylaws

2022-2023 Meetings

SGA Meetings Link

DatesAgendaMinutesAdditional Documents
August 28SGA Agenda 8-28-22
September 11SGA Agenda 9-11-22 SGA Minutes 8-28-22
September 18SGA Agenda 9-18-22SGA Minutes 9-11-22Resolution #1 - Cookies for Listening Sessions
October 2SGA Agenda 10-2-22SGA Minutes 9-18-22Resolution #2 - SMTD Bus Tokens
October 16SGA Agenda 10-16-22SGA Minutes 10-2-22Resolution #3 - DEI Name Change Resolution
Resolution #4 - DEI Bylaws Amendment
Resolution #5 - DEI Event Hosting Guidelines
Resolution #6 - Letter of Support for Recognizing Indigenous People's Day
October 30Meeting Cancelled
November 13SGA Agenda 11-13-22SGA Minutes 10-16-22
December 4SGA Agenda 12-4-22
SGA Minutes 11-13-22Student Fee Increases
Resolution #7 - SGA Apparel
Resolution #8 - SOFA Beverages
January 22SGA Agenda 1-22-23SGA Minutes 12-4-22Resolution #8 - Monetary Incentive for Academic Advising Survey
February 5SGA Agenda 2-5-23SGA Minutes 1-22-23
February 19SGA Agenda 2-19-23SGA Minutes 2-5-23
March 5SGA Agenda 3-5-23SGA Minutes 2-19-23
March 19Meeting Cancelled
April 2SGA Agenda 4-2-23SGA Minutes 3-5-23Resolution #9 SOFA Training for SGA members
Resolution #10 SGA Prizes for Commuter Student Survey
Resolution #11 Incoming SGA to Decide on Programming Allocations
April 16SGA Agenda 4-16-23SGA Minutes 4-2-23Resolution #12 SGA Stress Relief Event
April 30SGA Agenda 4-30-23 (outgoing SGA)
SGA Agenda 4-30-23 (incoming SGA)
SGA Minutes 4-16-23Resolution #13 Unspent SGA Funds
July 12SGA Agenda 7-12-23SGA Minutes 4-30-23Resolution SGA Fall Welcome Event
Resolution SGA Promotional items

2021-2022 Meetings

August 29SGA 8.29.21 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 4-11-21
September 12 SGA 9.12.21 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes8-29-21Resolution 1-Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee
Resolution 2- Portrait Allocation
Resolution 3 – Formal Recognition of September 11th
Resolution 4 – Vote on Credit/No Credit Grading
September 26 SGA 9.26.21 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes9-12-21Resolution 5 – Student Advocacy Coalition
Resolution 6 – Prairie Star Spirit Meeting
Resolution 7 – Remembering Dr. Clarice Ford
October 10 SGA 10.10.21 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes9-26-21Resolution 8 – Resolution for Dress Code 
October 29(rescheduled)SGA 10.29.2021 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes10-10-21Resolution 9 – Internship Event
Resolution 10 – Colonnade Lighting
Resolution 11 – Bingo Night
November 7 SGA 11.7.2021 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 10-29-21 No resolutions  
November 21SGA-11.21.2021 Meeting Agenda  SGA Meeting Notes 11-7-21Resolution 12 – Poll for LLSSC Name
Resolution 13 – Shopping Shuttle Alternative  
December 5SGA 12-5-21 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 11-21-21
January 23SGA 1-23-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 12-5-22
February 6SGA 2-6-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 1-23-22
February 20SGA 2-20-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 2-6-22
March 6SGA 3-6-22 Meeting-AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 2-20-22
March 27SGA-3-27-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 3-6-22
April 10SGA 4-10-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 3-27-22
April 24SGA - 4-24-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 4-10-22
May 8SGA 5-8-22 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Notes 4-24-22

2020-2021 Meetings

DatesAgendaMinutesAdditional Documents
August 30SGA 8-30-20 Meeting AgendaResolution 1 – Memorial for UIS Students
SOFA Bylaw Amendments
September 13SGA 9-13-20 Meeting Agenda No resolutions
September 27SGA 9-27-20 Meeting AgendaSGA 9-13-20 Meetings MinutesResolution 2 – Business Cards
Resolution 3 – Dr. Ford Day
Resolution 4 – Portrait Allocation
Resolution 5 – Social Media & Marketing Intern
Resolution 6 – TEDxUIS Creation and Support of Event and Committee
Social Media & Marketing Job Description
October 11SGA 10-11-2020 Meeting Agenda SGA 9-27-20 Meeting MinutesResolution 7 – United in Safety Resolution
SGA Discipline Action
2020 #1 Amendment
October 25SGA 10-25-2020 Meeting AgendaSGA 10-11-20 Meeting MinutesResolution 8 – Voices of Democracy Sponsorship
Resolution 9 – Colonnade Lighting
November 8SGA 11-8-2020 Meeting AgendaSGA 10-25-20 Meeting MinutesNo resolutions
November 22SGA 11-22- 2020 Meeting AgendaSGA 11-8-2020 Meeting Minutes Resolution 10 SOFA Resolution  
December 6SGA 12-6-2020 Meeting AgendaSGA11-22-2020 Meeting MinutesResolution 11- SOFA Shirt Allocation
Resolution 12 – Donation Thank You Letter
Spring 2021 
 January 22 SGA-1-24-2021-Meeting-AgendaSGA 12-06-20 Meeting Minutes
 February 7SGA-2-7-2021 Meeting AgendaSGA 1-24-21 Meeting MinutesResolution 13 – We Believe Students
Resolution 14 – Don Mitchell Retirement
Resolution-15 – TEDxUIS Budget Allocation
TEDx Budget (2) 
February 21SGA-2-21-2021 Meeting-AgendaSGA 2-7-21 Meeting MinutesResolution 16 – Menstrual Map Tabling
Resolution 17 – Sponsorship Looking Back to Look Forward
Resolution 18 – Looking Back to Look Forward Funding
March 7SGA-3-7-2021 Meeting AgendaSGA 2-21-21 Meeting MinutesNo Resolutions
 March 21SGA-3-21-2021 Meeting-AgendaSGA 3-7-21 Meeting Minutes No Resolutions
April 11SGA-4-11-2021-Meeting-AgendaSGA 3-21-21 Meeting MinutesSGA Resolution-2021 Transition Meet and Greet
Copy of SGA Resolution- Internship Event

2019-2020 Meetings

DatesAgendaMinutesAdditional Documents
August 24SGA 08-24-19 Special Meeting AgendaResolution 1 Campus to Downtown Shuttle 
September 8SGA 9-8-2019 Meeting AgendaConstitutional Amendment 1 SOFA Chair
September 22 SGA 9-22-2019 Meeting AgendaSGA 9-8-2019 Meeting MinutesResolution 2 Portrait Allocation 
Resolution 03 Business Cards   
Resolution 4 Facebook Posts Boosts
October 6SGA 10-6-2019 Meeting AgendaSGA 9-22-2019 Meeting MinutesResolution 2 Portrait Allocation
Resolution 3-Business Cards
Resolution 4 Facebook Posts Boosts 
October 20SGA 10_20_2019 Meeting AgendaSGA 10_6_2019 Meeting MinutesNo Resolutions or Constitutional Amendments
November 3SGA 11_3_2019 Meeting AgendaSGA 10_20_19 Meeting MinutesResolution 5 UIS United
Resolution 6 West Side Trash Cans
Resolution 7 SGA Transfer Week Social
Resolution 8 Peoria Campus Meeting
Resolution 9 SGA Pullover Allocation
Resolution 10 SGA Instagram
Resolution 11 UIS Blue Crew
November 17SGA 11_17_2019 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Minutes 11_3_19Resolution 12 Support for NPR Responsible Employee Exemption
Resolution 13 S.O.F.A. T-Shirt Allocation
BOT Approved Tuition Rate Increases_UIS_FY20_013119_W/Diff
Tuit_Fees_Comp_AY0304 to 062419
Illinois Public Universities_Tuition FY20
Tuition Estimate 1%_UIS_102819
December 8SGA 12_08_2019 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Minutes 11_17_19Resolution 16 Board of Trustees Meeting Request 
SGA Article III
SGA Internal VP End of the Semester Report
 January 26SGA 01_26_2020 Meeting AgendaSGA Meeting Minutes 12_8_19Resolution 17 Campus to Downtown Shuttle Spring Semester
February 9SGA 02_09_2020 Meeting AgendaSGA 01_26_2020 MinutesResolution 18 – Living Wall System Allocation
February 23SGA 2_23_2020 Meeting AgendaSGA 2_9_20 Meeting MinutesResolution 19 – SGA Elections Week Event
Resolution 20 – Increasing Access to Feminine Products
March 29
April 19
May 3

Meetings Archive

*Agendas and minutes and additional documents are saved as pdf files. Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher is necessary to view these documents. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, download Adobe Acrobat here.