Guidelines for SOFA Budget Request Forms

Funding Request Procedures

Request for Funds are due for Fall 2022 by 5:00 pm on SOFA Due Dates. If you are experiencing any problems, please e-mail

SOFA funds are requested through a Budget Request, found under the finance tab in your UISConnection page. SOFA funding is available only to Registered Student Organizations. Please contact SOFA or your Student Life Liaison if you have difficulties.

Click here for SOFA Program Reports. This form is required when student groups receive money from SOFA. Please note that you must be logged in to UISConnection to complete this form. This form is due 10 business days after the program. Failure to complete this form will prevent student groups from getting further funding until this form is submitted.


In order to be eligible for SOFA funds, an organization must be recognized by the University of Illinois at Springfield as set forth by the Student Life Office.

Additionally, events must be open to all UIS students to receive SOFA funding.

Restriction on the Use of Student Activity Fee Funds

See the Office Student Life for the most recent copy of this list.

Criteria For Funding Decisions

The following criteria are taken into consideration when funding decisions are made:
* The request follows established eligibility and restrictions as stated in the Student Organization Manual
* The request is in line with the mission of the University
* The request shows forethought with regard to detailed information, such as date, time place, price estimates, security, publicity, interest by students, and how it fits with the mission of the student organization.

Please note:  Members of the organization who come to an SOFA meeting to speak to the request should have a copy of the request, sufficient knowledge about the request, information about past history of the event, if any, and be able to accurately answer the questions asked.