FY 23 Programming Allocations

At the end of each year the Student Government Association receives a portion of student fee money from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Different campus entities are able to request fee money in order to put on programming events for students. The Student Government Association hears all of the requests and then makes its decision on how much fee money to allocate each entity. Below are the amounts that were given out for those who requested for the current academic year.

Campus EntityAmount
Student Events (SAC)$65,000
Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA)$40,000
Career Development Office (already receives income through a student fee)$0
Diversity Center$5,000
International Student Services$3,000
LGTBQ Resource Office$3,000
Intramural and Rec$17,120
Volunteer & Civic Engagement$3,000
Student Government Association$10,880
Women’s Center$3,000
Total Programming Board Allocation$150,000

*Please note that these different entities request money from the Student Government Association at the end of the Spring semester with the purpose of being used in the new academic year.

*Please note that this money is allocated for programming purposes and does not go towards operational costs. That money is appropriated to the different campus entities through a different source.