External Relations and Marketing Committee

The Committee on External Relations and Marketing shall be responsible for obtaining information about outside relations and activities as it pertains to UIS and the campus community; this may include, but is not limited to, faculty, staff, the UI Alumni Association, businesses, non-profit organizations and agencies, and Sangamon County area. The committee will also be responsible for maintaining contact with local, county, state, and federal officials on issues pertaining to higher education.

Chair: External Vice President Eric Loera

Members: Online Student Senator Vyvyan Wesley, Graduate Student Senator Jared Ebel, Peoria Campus Senator Angie Gin, Campus Resident Max Pernitsky,  College of Education and Human Services Senator Natty Akpulonu, Freshmen Student Senator Caitlin Sherman, College of Business and Management Senator Nolan Flaherty, Senator-at-Large Aislinn Diaz