FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Illinois at Springfield

Admissions Questions and Helpful Forms

  • What is Tuition at UIS? Check our tuition rates.
  • I have applied, how can I check my status? Students who have applied online can check your application status online.
  • I have applied but need to change my term of entry; what do I need to do? Visit your Application Status Page to defer your application one time (up to one year). Applicants need to submit the deferral form prior to the start of the term for which they applied in order to avoid reapplication.
  • I would like to apply for admission, but need an application fee waiver. Application fees may be waived in certain cases. Fill out and submit the Application Fee Waiver Form to be considered.
  • I applied online but did not pay the application fee at that time, how can I pay it now? You can pay your application fee at any time on your Application Status Page.
  • I have been admitted, what do I do next? Please refer to your admission packet for next steps. If you do not have that yet or have misplaced it, go to I’m Admitted! What’s Next?
  • I have accepted my offer to attend, what do I do next?  Go to I’m Admitted! What’s Next?
  • The application for admissions asks for a Criminal Disclosure statement — what is the process?
  • I have been taking course as a Non-Degree Seeking Student but have reached my limit, what do I do to continue taking courses? You must fill out a Non-Degree Declaration Form to continue as a Non-Degree Seeking Student or you must apply for a degree program.
  • I just have a few questions but don’t need a full visit, can I make an appointment to talk with an Admissions Counselor? Appointments and Individual Visits can be arranged by calling the Office of Admissions.
  • I would like to have some information about admission to UIS sent to me, who do I contact? Request Information today.
  • Can I learn more about faculty and staff responsibilities at UIS? Please visit the Academic Staff Handbook website
  • Do you accept three year bachelor’s degrees for graduate study? Our admissions rules require that an applicant have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.  These accrediting agencies typically define a bachelor’s degree in the United States as requiring four years to complete.  In reality, it may take longer or shorter to complete a degree, but the amount of work involved must be relatively the same.  In the past few years, confusion has arisen as to the equivalence of the three year bachelor’s degree offered in some countries.  Some are treated as equivalent to the U.S. bachelor’s degree, while others are not.  To make this determination, UIS requires that a course-by-course evaluation be received from a NACES member organization.
  • What is the mailing address for the Office of Admissions?
    Office of Admissions
    University of Illinois at Springfield
    One University Plaza, MS UHB 1080
    Springfield, Illinois 62703-5407
  • What is the phone number for the Office of Admissions? Call us at 217-206-4847 or 888/977-4847.
  • What are the hours for the Office of Admissions? We are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

In-State & Out-of-State Regulations

Contact the Admissions department at 217/206-4847 for more information about in-state and out-of-state residency requirements.


Faculty/Staff reporting requests are now handled by Information Technology Services. If you have a report request, please complete the request form found at Information Technology Services.