Legal Notices

We share several legal notices fo

Electronic versions of documents or statements that appear on the website are for convenience and accessibility and are believed to be current at the time of posting.

However, the official copies of such documents are kept in written format by the Board of Trustees at the Board office or at the appropriate campus office. In case of any discrepancy between an electronic version and the official written version, the official written version shall be deemed definitive.

Notary Public

Understanding the occasional need of students, faculty and staff for the services of a Notary Public, the following UIS employees have identified themselves as registered notaries who are willing to provide that assistance:

  • Sherrie Elzinga
    BRK 475
    (217) 206-6155
  • Eric Kuchar
    UHB 3000
    (217) 206-6512
  • Toni Langdon
    BRK 363
    (217) 206-8381

There are a few simple instructions that you are asked to follow to ensure that the process can be completed in a quick and valid manner:

  1. Don’t sign any document until you’re in the physical presence of the notary.
  2. Bring along a photo ID that also shows your signature (e.g. driver’s license).
  3. Call the notary before visiting their office to ensure that they’re available to help you.