The UIS Strategic Compass was developed with a “bottom up” approach involving all University stakeholders. A Strategic Compass Steering Committee (SCSC) comprised of administrators, faculty, staff, students, alums and community representatives guided the effort. Throughout the planning process, the UIS community had several opportunities to become actively engaged in the study of issues, provide feedback about the Compass as it evolved and participate in the shaping of the University’s collective aspirations.

UIS was assisted in the planning process by faculty consultants affiliated with the Center for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (COHRE) at Middle Tennessee State University. The SCSC worked with the COHRE consultants to develop a draft Strategic Compass report (PDF) and technical report (PDF) that included preliminary versions of the UIS Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, which were presented to the UIS community (PDF) in Fall 2018. The SCSC then worked in subcommittees to develop a revised version of the Mission, Vision, and Values, which were open to comments and adapted based on campus feedback. After all, comments were addressed and accounted for to the satisfaction of the SCSC, the final draft was submitted to the Chancellor, who formally approved the new Mission, Vision, and Values in January 2019.