About Standards

In order to maintain the best reflection of our brand, the UIS community should follow the established standards for digital and print materials, graphic identifiers, descriptions of the university and use of Campus Services to create materials.

Design for Print and Digital

UIS Campus Services offers robust services to the campus community for graphic design, printing and mailing needs. Working through Campus Services ensures that your project elevates UIS and is an asset to our brand. Using external vendors for these services puts the brand at risk and takes money outside of the university, rather than promoting university fiscal responsibility. Using in-house services often results in a lower cost for units, too.

Examples of materials that should be created by Campus Services:

  • Materials that contain the UIS logo and/or wordmark;
  • Materials that promote or inform others about the University of Illinois Springfield;
  • Materials that will be distributed to an external audience. An external audience is any group of people beyond UIS faculty and staff;
  • Materials that will be distributed to UIS students;
  • Materials that use UIS graphic identifiers to partner with outside entities:

Any use of the University’s logo(s) and mark(s) on commercial publications, including external websites, requires prior authorization from Marketing.

Writing Style Guide

The UIS Writing Style Guide is based on the Associated Press Stylebook, though some departures have been made that are specific to UIS. It also contains naming conventions specific to university academic units, buildings and other areas on campus, in addition to guidelines for commonly asked questions.

University Name

The name of the university is University of Illinois Springfield.

Formerly, the official name was the University of Illinois at Springfield, but by decision of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and vote by the University of Illinois System Board of Trustees, use of the word “at” was discontinued.

The change does not alter UIS’ legal, statutory name, nor does it require purging signage or documents where it does appear. The original name remains on some pre-printed materials and very permanent structures on campus (entrance signs, colonnade, etc.).

The university name or Wordmark must appear on all official print and electronic publications. 

Approved naming conventions:

  • University of Illinois Springfield- Used for all standard print and electronic publications.
  • Illinois Springfield- Used for recruiting, and when the audience consists of people outside the campus.
  • UIS- Used as an abbreviation for the campus audience or for other audiences within 50 miles of Springfield, Illinois.

Descriptions of UIS

Official descriptions are offered below for your use where appropriate.

Most commonly used description:

University of Illinois Springfield is one three universities in the world-class University of Illinois System. Nearly 4,000 students enroll each year at UIS seeking a world-renowned degree in the friendly, diverse, and student-focused learning environment of a smaller university. Located in the state capital, UIS is uniquely positioned to connect students with the community and has produced thousands of leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. (62 words)

25 words or less:

University of Illinois Springfield is one three universities in the world-class University of Illinois System. UIS is known for educating public servants and leaders.

15 words or less:

University of Illinois Springfield is teaching-focused and educates tomorrow’s public servants and leaders.

Important Ideas to Promote

  • Online
  • Government
  • Accredited College of Business and Management
  • Environmental degree
  • NCAA
  • Liberal arts
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Transfer
  • Master’s degrees
  • Research
  • Internships
  • MBA
  • Political Science
  • State Capital
  • Computer Science
  • College of Health, Science and Technology
  • Innovate Springfield
  • Nursing

Important Phrases to Promote

  • Hands-on learning
  • Undergraduate research
  • Faculty who know you
  • Earn an affordable, U of I degree
  • Making connections
  • Collaborative learning
  • Civic engagement
  • Express yourself
  • Small classes, personal attention
  • Supportive environment
  • Tomorrow’s leaders
  • Competing in NCAA division II
  • Diverse opportunities
  • Celebrating differences
  • Leaders in online learning
  • Beautiful, welcoming campus
  • Local outreach
  • First-year students can bring their cars
  • Making a difference (in the world)
  • Transfer-friendly