About the UIS Publication Standards

The current UIS Publication Standards became effective with the May 2010 announcement to campus regarding the formation of a Creative Services team to create and monitor the UIS visual identity.

Campus faculty, staff, and students who use printed or electronic materials to promote or inform others about the university play an important role in maintaining a high-quality reputation for our university.

Part of building an excellent reputation is based in a persistent, cohesive, uniform visual identity. Repetition of uniform standards in all our print and electronic materials allows us to build our brand and achieve greater name recognition among prospective students and the community-at-large. This is central to our success.

We have special concerns about the following materials:

  • Materials that contain the UIS logo and/or wordmark;
  • Materials that promote or inform others about the University of Illinois Springfield;
  • Materials that will be distributed to an external audience. An external audience is any group of people beyond UIS faculty and staff;
  • Materials that will be distributed to UIS students;
  • Materials that use UIS graphic identifiers to partner with outside entities:
    If you use the University’s logo(s) and mark(s) on commercial publications, including websites, prior authorization from Creative Services is required in order to avoid University or State endorsement of a product or service.

Certain materials that come to the attention of the UIS Creative Services team may need to be corrected in order to meet UIS Publication Standards prior to publication or distribution.

  • Fees for our correction services will be charged back to the unit.
  • The Creative Services team welcomes faculty and staff who want to make use of our One Stop Shop, a range of affordable services including design, printing, mailing, web, public relations, marketing, etc.
  • We are also happy to work with units that want to create their own materials. However, to avoid correction fees, please talk with Creative Services before you begin your project.

According to the UIS Printing Standards, the Campus Services department is responsible for all University-related printing, whether produced on campus or by commercial vendors.

  • Thus, any printing job that will be produced off-campus must first be reviewed by the Campus Services department.
  • To avoid correction fees, please talk with Creative Services to review your project.

Content Standards

The content of print and electronic publications produced by the university is created, overseen, and approved by appropriate department personnel, not by the Creative Services team.

However, the Creative Services team maintains the following guidelines related to content of print and electronic publications:

  • The university’s name (via text or the wordmark) should appear on the front of all printed materials and electronic documents that will be distributed to external audiences.
  • The university’s name should appear on the home page of all official department and program webpages. See the Campus Web Policy for required information.
  • Regarding photographs, we do not use photos of under-age children in the university’s print and electronic publications.
    • Exceptions may be made for certain uses, such as advertisments for our child care facility or family housing. But even in those cases, we do not show children’s faces, nor do we identify children by name.