Notary Public

Understanding the occasional need of students, faculty and staff for the services of a Notary Public, the following UIS employees have identified themselves as registered notaries who are willing to provide that assistance:

  • Sherrie Elzinga
    BRK 475
    (217) 206-6155
  • Eric Kuchar
    UHB 3000
    (217) 206-6512
  • Toni Langdon
    UHB 3000
    (217) 206-6512

There are a few simple instructions that you are asked to follow to ensure that the process can be completed in a quick and valid manner:

  1. Don’t sign any document until you’re in the physical presence of the notary.
  2. Bring along a photo ID that also shows your signature (e.g. driver’s license).
  3. Call the notary before visiting their office to ensure that they’re available to help you.