UIS Admission Acceptance Form

If you are accepted to UIS, the Office of Admissions will email you with an offer of admission. You must accept your admission by completing the UIS Admission Acceptance form that is emailed with the offer of admission. Once filled out, it can be mailed or emailed to the Office of Admissions at UIS.

Military transcripts and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

UIS follows the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines for assigning college credit for your Joint Service Transcript and DANTES test scores. This is a part of the regular application process. Records and Registration will review all submitted materials and assign the appropriate number of credit hours. Please note: Military transcript and DANTES credits are automatically assigned as ‘block credits.’ As such, these hours count as hours toward your degree but may not apply toward any specific degree requirements. If you feel that one or more of your Military Transcript or DANTES items is equivalent to a specific requirement at UIS, you may petition to have those credit hours count toward that requirement by completing the Office of Records and Registration Student Petition . Before submitting this form, please review the Student Petition Instructions (PDF). If you need assistance with the form, contact the Office of Records and Registration at 217-206-6174 or registrar@uis.edu.

UIS student insurance and waiver

UIS automatically assesses a fee for insurance on any student, including military personnel and veterans, enrolled in any on-campus or blended course. If you prefer to use your military-issued or other applicable insurance plan, you must opt out of the University’s student plan by completing an online waiver. The UIS Office of Human Resources (HR) will email you a notification of your eligibility to waive the student insurance. Please monitor your UIS campus email for specific dates, web links, and instructions. The online waiver is open at the beginning of each semester until the posted deadline, providing several weeks for waiver submissions. You can find additional details on the UIS HR Student Insurance page.

Housing Application

To reside on campus, a UIS Housing Application must be completed. This is a separate application from the UIS application for admission. Checking ‘Veteran’ on the UIS Housing Application will alert Residence Life that you wish to be placed with/near other veterans or military personnel living on campus if possible.

Monthly Billing Stipend

If you are receiving a monthly stipend for housing, UIS Residence Life will work to ensure that you are charged on a monthly basis rather than all at once. In order to arrange monthly billing, you must contact the Residence Life central office (reslife@uis.edu) to set up this special request. Additional documentation to prove your monthly housing stipend status may be required.