Covered Cost

Tuition costs not to exceed:

  • $250 per semester credit hour
  • $166.66 per quarter credit hour
  • $16.67 per clock hour
  • $2,250 per fiscal year

Application Process

Application Process entails the following:

  • Consulting with an ESO to locate courses or programs.
  • Verifying the institution's accreditation
  • Verifying that service obligation time-lines are met, or the servicemember must reenlist
  • Completing CG Form 4187 Coast Guard TA application
  • Reading and signing the Statement of Understanding
  • Having an ESO verify CG Form 4187 and sign it
  • Retaining a copy of CG Form 4187 for personal records
  • Submitting a grade report upon course or program completion
  • Once TA funding is approved, the servicemember will get back a CG Form 1560 which is needed by the school when registering for TA-funded classes. If a servicemember is using multiple sources of financial aid funding, TA funding will be calculated on the remaining amount after the other financial aid sources have paid.

University Requirements

  • Complete all steps required above to receive authorization.
  • Submit the Tuition Assistance Authorization form to the Office of Financial Assistance prior to start of course along with your Request for Veterans Benefits form (accessible on the UIS Financial Aid's forms page).
  • Complete the billing authorization in the Sponsor Billing Portal.