• Must have completed two years on active duty
  • Cannot use TA while in a training status (schools)
  • Must provide a degree plan (from the school)
  • First time users must start with one course
  • Limit of two classes at a time for all students
  • No courses can overlap
  • Any issues must be resolved before more TA is used
  • No duplicate degrees or double majors
  • Authorized for up to the Master’s degree level

Covered Cost

100% of tuition, with a cap of $250 per semester hour and $4500 per fiscal year, and fees are covered, with the exception of equipment, supply, and exam fees.

Application Process

  • Attend TA Brief/Read the SOU
  • Provide a Degree Plan/SOCMAR to the Education Office or ESO
  • Submit via WEB TA
  • Have your request (forwarded) by your commanding officer or approver
  • Classes will be approved at the start of each FY quarter (Oct, Jan, Apr, July) until funds run out

University Requirements

  • Complete all steps required above to receive authorization.
  • Submit the Tuition Assistance Authorization form to the Office of Financial Assistance prior to start of course along with your Request for Veterans Benefits form (accessible on the UIS Financial Aid's forms page).
  • Complete the billing authorization in the Sponsor Billing Portal.