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Student Conduct Code

This Code is applicable to all persons enrolled in University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) classes. It covers disciplinary action initiated or taken against a student. Disciplinary action may be initiated for proscribed conduct occurring on property owned or controlled by UIS or conduct in the course of participating in a UIS-sponsored program or activity. Disciplinary action may also be initiated for online and off campus conduct that adversely affects the UIS community.

Connection Tracking

How Do We Use UIS Connection Tracking?

We use UIS Connection Tracking data to generate a report at the end of week 2 and week 6 of each semester. Based on the results of that report, we identify students that might not be connecting to campus (based on not going to events, making it over to the gym or being gone most weekends). After the week 2 report, RAs will reach out to individual students on their floor that have been identified. After the week 6 report, the quantitative data will be corroborated with qualitative feedback from RAs.