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Classroom Scheduling

Service Overview

Classroom Scheduling has oversight of university classrooms throughout campus. They are also responsible for scheduling labs, general indoor spaces (lobbies/lounges/meeting rooms), outdoor areas (colonnade/quad/pond) and the Facilities Calendar.

Classrooms and other areas reserved by Classroom Scheduling are first to be used in support of academics and student organizations. Every effort is made to best match rooms with the course needs by evaluating enrollment and credit hours.

Waste Management

Waste Management is here to provide information on proper disposal of various wastes in the campus community.

A material becomes a waste when it is discarded or can no longer be used for its original intended purpose. Waste management and disposal requirements vary depending on the waste stream. Information for various waste streams follows.


The Facilities & Services Department oversees all Utilities Operations on the UIS Campus with the exception of an onsite Chiller Plant.

All other utilities are purchased from suppliers for direct use.

Utility Outages

Report all outages during business hours (Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm) to:

  • Facilities and Services office at, 217-206-6530

After hours outages report to

Construction & Renovation

The Campus Construction Unit is responsible for the management of small and large capital projects, repairs and renovations, grounds and utility infrastructure. We are committed to safe and progressive facilities conducive to uninterrupted learning, living, and working. Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to ongoing projects, please contact the Facilities & Services office at 217-206-6530 or via email to

Space Plans

Building floor plans and campus signage are updated and provided through this department.  Please email Facilities and Services if you are in need of any specifics.

Revisions of directional and/or program signs are requested through Facilities and Services. Send your requests through SchoolDude. The request must include an account number for the subsequent charge-back.

Custodial Services

Building Service Workers clean and maintain approximately one million square feet of academic space on the UIS campus. They are onsite 7-days a week to provide a clean environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Special Cleaning

In addition to routine cleaning, special or deep cleaning is available and can be requested by contacting Patty Meyer at (217) 206-6053 or email Patty.