Graduation and Degree Completion Information

Graduation Day

Commencement Information

A commencement ceremony is held each spring for graduates who received their degrees in the previous summer and fall semesters, and for degree candidates for the current spring semester.

For additional information, visit the Commencement Website

Completion of Degree Requirements

All requirements must be completed in order for a student to receive a degree or a certificate. Students should refer to the online catalog for a complete listing of degree/certificate requirements. Degrees/certificates are awarded three times per year, at the end of the spring, summer, and fall semesters. All requirements must be completed by the end of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Students who do not complete all requirements by the end of the semester selected via the graduation application must wait to receive their degree/certificate until the end of a subsequent semester during which all requirements are met.

Students preparing to apply for graduation at the University of Illinois at Springfield should review their degree audit in consultation with their advisor using the online Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

Applying for Graduation/Indicating Intent to Graduate

Students planning to earn a degree must indicate their intent to graduate to the Office of Records and Registration. Students must submit an online graduation application and submit an approved Graduation Application Signature Form, whether they plan to participate in the commencement ceremony or not.  It is important to complete this process by the posted deadline.  A mandatory graduation application fee will be charged to each student upon submission of the graduation application.

Forms and instructions can be found on the Records and Registration Forms website.

Students with questions concerning any of the information above or regarding graduation eligibility should contact Graduation at (217) 206-7730 or

Graduate Project/Thesis/Closure Courses

Graduate students are required to be continuously enrolled during each semester (excluding summer) once they have begun their graduate closure exercise until that exercise is complete. This requirement means that if you do not finish your closure exercise during the number of hours set forth by your program for the closure course, you will be required to enroll in your program’s continuous enrollment course in all subsequent semesters until the exercise is complete.

Graduation DayIf a formal leave of absence is approved for a given semester by your graduate program, continuous registration is not required. Failure to obtain a leave of absence will, in most cases, require retroactive registration in the closure exercise for each semester (summer term excluded) in which you were out of compliance.

Please note that some programs have specific requirements concerning how you register and complete your closure requirement. Contact your adviser for details on how your program implements this policy.

The time limitation for completing a master’s degree is six consecutive years from your first graduate course (excluding prerequisites) taken at UIS in pursuit of that degree, unless you have requested, and the program has granted, a leave of absence.

A student must have approval from his/her adviser and program chair to continue working on the degree program after the time limitation has passed.

All pre-dissertation credit earned at UIS that is to be applied toward the completion of the doctorate must be taken within eight consecutive years from the first doctoral course taken at UIS. This does not include prerequisites or closure requirements. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Outcome Survey

The First Destination Survey (FDS) is a nationally mandated survey that is meant to gain knowledge about what activities students are engaging in after graduation from college. The information gained from the survey helps to determine the effectiveness of the institution from which the student graduated.  Graduating students are highly encouraged to complete the outcome survey prior to graduating and to continue updating their information as it changes.