Colleges are always looking to diversify their campuses and to make their schools more accessible to students of all ethnicities, economic backgrounds and religious beliefs. For this reason, many scholarships are restricted to minority students, Hispanics being one of them. That’s right, just being of Hispanic descent can make you eligible for scholarships and grants.

Additional Resources for Undocumented Students

Below we have listed a variety of resources available to undocumented students, including scholarship opportunities geared specifically for this demographic. We hope that you find these resources helpful.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

College-bound students who are not citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States are not eligible for State of federal financial assistance because of their immigration status. In addition, they are generally classified as international students and therefore are required to pay higher tuition and fees. However, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) has compiled a list of scholarships that are open to undocumented students. The list is available on MALDEF’s website at  or by calling (213) 629-2512.

Upward Bound U.S. – Department of Education Scholarship Coordinator Federal Student Aid; PO Box 84; Washington, DC 20044 Resident of Texas? The Hispanic Women in Leadership extends a scholarship invitation to any and all graduating senior Hispanic females. This is absolutely designed for academically talented students that are enrolled in a school in Texas.