Applying for Scholarships – many groups offer scholarships to young students that have disabilities. This is a means of encouraging students that have disabilities to attend college and to succeed in their chosen areas of study. Having a disability does not mean you have to hold back in life or not pursue your goal. Quite the contrary, actually.
Disability Scholarships
180 Medical Scholarship Program

Disability Scholarships

Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, schools have been required to accommodate the needs of their disabled student populations, breaking down many barriers that prevented students from accessing educational resources, and enabling more people to better enjoy the full benefits of a college education. In recent years, colleges and universities have also been paying increasing attention to the diverse and often overlooked members of their student bodies in other ways beyond simply providing for their basic needs and right to obtain an education. Recruitment efforts and financial aid opportunities aimed at disabled students now exist at a number of schools. Additionally, many private organizations award scholarship money to ensure that students with disabilities are able to achieve their college goals, despite potential setbacks such as learning issues, environmental challenges, or medical bills.

Who Qualifies?

  • Disability scholarships exist to provide college funding for students who have overcome a range of difficulties in their journey towards a degree. These scholarship opportunities help deserving students stay in school and out of debt, allowing them to more easily achieve their educational and career goals.
  • Disability scholarships are funded by a variety of scholarship providers with different requirements. They can be intended to help students with a specific disability pay for school, or they can be aimed at a wider range of students who have struggled with any physical or mental handicap in their effort to attain a college degree. Disability scholarship providers may choose to gear their awards towards students who have completed a specific program or who will attend a particular college or university. Some scholarship awardsare aimed at groups that have faced multiple barriers to education, such as low-income, minority, or female students with disabilities. Certain local scholarships might also be earmarked for disabled students.

Disability Scholarship Opportunities

  • Whatever their specific requirements may be, there are many disability scholarships out there, and to find them, all you have to know is where to look. Below are some examples of disability scholarships from our database of over 2.7 million college scholarships. To find out if you qualify for these and other awards, simply fill out a profile on, and conduct a free scholarship search. You’ll receive a list of disability scholarships and other relevant scholarship awards. From there, just read the information provided and begin to apply for scholarships. Below are a few examples of scholarships available to those with various physical challenges and/or other disabilities.
  • Scholarship for People with Disabilities Application Deadlines: May 31, Annually
    The “Scholarship for People with Disabilities” is awarded annually and provides assistance to individuals with physical and sensory disabilities so they can pursue educational goals or gain technical expertise beyond high school to increase their career options and enrich their lives through education and training. Scholarships are based on individual need and will not exceed $1,000. A candidate […] More
  • 180 Medical Scholarship Program 
    Application Deadlines: June 01, Annually
    The 180 Medical Scholarship Program was created to help students with Spina Bifida, a spinal cord injury or Transverse Myelitis pay for college. To be eligible for one of the three $1,000 scholarships available, applicant must plan to attend at least 12 credit hours of college during the upcoming fall semester and submit the following: – Application (will be available in January) – […] More
  • JCS Newhoff Scholarship for a Jewish Student with a Diagnosed Learning Disability 
    Application Deadlines: March 15, Annually
    The Newhoff Scholarship will be awarded to a Jewish student with a diagnosed learning disability. Students do not need to be from single-parent homes to be eligible. It is available to graduating high school students from the Baltimore Metropolitan Area for assistance in pursuing vocational, trade or college education at an accredited United States institution. Scholarship awards vary. The JCS […] More
  • Through the Looking Glass Scholarships for Students with Parents with Disabilities 
    Application Deadlines: March 11, Annually
    Through the Looking Glass and its National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families are pleased to announce new scholarships specifically for high school seniors and college students who have parents with disabilities. Please go to our website to get the scholarship application. A total of 15 $1,000 scholarships will be given out next fall. These scholarships are part of Through […] MoreDisability Scholarships
  • Comprehensive Disability-Related Scholarships
  • Disability Scholarships – If you have any sort of disability, you should look and see if you can get a grant, scholarship, or free money
    General Disability Scholarships – Scholarships for people with disabilities come from foundations, organizations, schools, or a broad range of other committed providers. The following disability grants and scholarships are open to all college students with disabilities, including students with learning disabilities
  • Scholarships by type – Disability scholarships exist to provide college funding for students who have overcome a range of difficulties in their journey towards a degree